Definition of retinal scanner in US English:

retinal scanner


  • A biometric device that scans a person's or animal's retina in infrared for identification purposes.

    • ‘Please place your hand in the DNA scanner to your left, and place your eyes at the retinal scanner.’
    • ‘The retinal scanner above the bridge entrance scanned Eldon's and Jon's eyes and confirmed they were allowed inside the bridge.’
    • ‘He ran up the ramp of his ship and typed in the access code as well as put his eye over the secret retinal scanner.’
    • ‘There was a retinal scanner in front of him, and he placed his eyes to it.’
    • ‘As he moseyed around, not sure what he was looking for, he saw rows of doors down the hall each one with a retinal scanner next to it.’


retinal scanner

/ˈretn(ə)l ˌskanər/