Definition of retinal in US English:



  • 1Relating to the retina.

    ‘loss of vision due to retinal detachment’
    • ‘With not much to look at (and the threat of inadvertent retinal damage), I found my gaze wandering away from the stage.’
    • ‘As blood passes by the macula through retinal blood vessels, the pigments pass through the macula's outer layer to rest in high concentrations inside its center.’
    • ‘Several degenerative conditions, including the progressive retinal atrophy which caused his blindness, are passed along through breeding lines.’
    • ‘It is quite easy to observe the retinal image in the eye of a white rabbit, the choroid of which is devoid of pigment.’
    • ‘A seething proliferation of superimposed images and patterns swirl around like Catherine wheels, and the result is delirious retinal overload.’
    • ‘Smith provides a unique retinal workout by juxtaposing the hyperrealist photos with the eye-popping painted compositions.’
    • ‘The retinal fluid was drained and replaced with a saline solution.’
    • ‘The drawing of an eye is accompanied by the description of images sliding onto the retinal membrane.’
    • ‘All three of the patients in the experiment had lost their sight through retinal disease.’
    • ‘This music imprints itself on the mind like a retinal after-image, like a tattoo that will not fade.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to a biometric method of identifying individuals from the unique patterns of blood vessels in the retina.
      ‘a retinal scanner’
      • ‘We use the latest cryptology combined with fingerprint, capillary, and retinal recognition devices to insure secure connections and transmissions.’
      • ‘The report offered a vision of street advertising that used retinal scanning to produce customised messages for passing consumers.’
      • ‘The retinal signature cannot be used to track a person.’
      • ‘Retinal identification was one of the methods under consideration.’
      • ‘Workers must sign in and pass a retinal check to confirm their identity before their shift begins and when leaving.’
      • ‘While considered invasive and expensive, retinal recognition is still the most reliable and stable means of biometric identification.’
      • ‘Retinal biometrics, although not application-specific, is being aimed generally at access control markets.’
      • ‘The transfer requires retinal print verification.’
      • ‘It stores passwords with some form of retinal security.’
      • ‘Never mind retinal scans, fingerprinting or facial recognition—we'll soon have our ears on a national database.’