Definition of reticulated python in US English:

reticulated python


  • A very large Asian python patterned with dark patches outlined in black. It is the longest snake at up to 36 feet (11 m).

    Python reticulatus, family Pythonidae

    • ‘On the way to the second level the stairs are lined with some excellent live displays; a huge green iguana, some very curious and playful red-cheeked turtles and, for snake lovers, an American corn snake and a reticulated python.’
    • ‘Officials are having talks on whether to add to the list of controlled animals the anaconda, the reticulated python and snapping turtles.’
    • ‘In his new 13-part Animal Planet series, he first heads to Borneo to find the giant reticulated python.’
    • ‘The previous largest snake was also a reticulated python measuring a rather puny 9.75 metres or the length of a British double-decker bus.’
    • ‘Fragrant Flower is the reticulated python found living in a tourism park in central Java which was last week touted as the longest and heaviest snake ever captured - 14.85m and 447 kg.’