Definition of retardant in English:



  • in combination (chiefly of a synthetic or treated fabric or substance) not readily susceptible to fire.

    ‘fire-retardant polymers’
    • ‘The red carpet had been treated with some flame retardant chemical, and the incessant rain caused it to foam.’
    • ‘There are flame retardant chemicals all over the place.’
    • ‘Such flame retardant polymers exhibit superior performance qualities during use, especially in thermoplastics such as glass-filled polyesters and glass-filled nylons.’
    • ‘This does not apply in an oxygen-enriched environment, where fire retardant materials may ignite quickly.’
    • ‘They have even stripped off their flame retardant togs to raise cash for local good causes.’
    • ‘Cellulose is made from recycled materials treated with fire retardant chemicals.’
    • ‘The computer casing is made of 100 percent recyclable plastic, and it is flame retardant without the use of conventional brominated coatings.’
    • ‘They have fire retardant roofs.’
    • ‘The most important use of bromine today is in making flame retardant materials.’
    • ‘He developed a fire retardant foam from soy protein used to fight oil and gas fires during World War II.’
    • ‘Constructed with fire retardant cedar roof shingles and exterior walls made of rough-hewn lumber, it is the quintessential ski retreat.’
    • ‘And they are putting some flame retardant chemicals on that to try to get it underway.’
    • ‘The 100,000 balloons, plus the 300 pounds of "flame retardant and environmentally sensitive" confetti and streamers, are biodegradable.’
    • ‘The invention also relates to the use of the abovementioned flame retardant combination, especially in thermoplastic polymers.’
    • ‘All sleepwear is to be flame retardant and should be safe with no strings or buttons that may be hazardous.’
    • ‘Also, the presence of flame retardant chemicals in our blood is not necessarily a cause for concern.’
    • ‘The wall should be protected by a flame retardant surface.’
    • ‘In a bid to prevent further arson attempts, the horse may be sprayed with a fire retardant substance.’
    • ‘Luckily, their recently-installed kitchen is huge and relatively flame retardant.’
    • ‘I do not think it is possible to be indoors in the UK and more than ten steps from a fire retardant device.’


  • A fabric or substance that prevents or inhibits something, especially the outbreak of fire.

    • ‘Computers treated with certain flame retardants may be harming the health of those who use them.’
    • ‘These chemicals are common in the manufacture of pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals: they are found in soaps and detergents, flame retardants, and the dioxins produced in pulp and paper mills.’
    • ‘According to Congressman Tom Udall, over 35 million gallons of cyanide containing fire retardants were dumped on fires in the West this summer alone.’
    • ‘If not covered with flocking, tinsel, or fire retardant, trees can be chipped for mulch or used whole to stabilize wetlands.’
    • ‘And under pressure, the company agreed in November to stop producing some of its flame retardants for furniture, linked in some animal tests to brain development problems in unborn babies.’
    • ‘Bamboo members were straightened in China through heat and pressure, and then processed with insecticide and fire retardant.’
    • ‘A fire retardant could be added to composite wood products made with starch adhesive.’
    • ‘Also known as brominated flame retardants, they are used in many everyday products, including electronics, furniture and textiles.’
    • ‘If your buttonholes tend to fray, place a dab of fray retardant on the back of the buttonhole.’
    • ‘A related directive sets January 2008 as the date by which manufacturers must find replacements for lead, mercury and cadmium, as well as for chemicals such as flame retardants that show up in circuit boards and plastic covers.’
    • ‘Most cotton insulation is treated with a flame retardant, but is manufactured without formaldehyde binders.’
    • ‘The fibers are then formed into batt insulation similar to high-density fiberglass, and then treated with a fire retardant.’
    • ‘Use drift retardants if droplet size cannot be controlled with nozzle selection.’
    • ‘The coveralls are designed to reduce the possibility of static electricity and are laundered in flame retardant.’
    • ‘A traveller starts at the airport and boards the plane, with its full complement of fire retardants, stain resistants, and the other protective chemicals.’
    • ‘Other shots revealed the futile efforts of firefighters as they built fireguards or dropped plane-loads of water and fire retardant on a natural force out of control.’
    • ‘Heavy metals, lead, mercury, cadmium and brominated flame retardants are all found in computer equipment and remain stable and relatively harmless while the machinery is in use.’
    • ‘Computers contain a variety of metals and chemicals - such as lead, mercury and brominated flame retardants - which are particularly nasty if dumped in landfill sites.’
    • ‘For example, Colborn says, bisphenol A, a component of plastic that is also used as a fire retardant, causes female mice to reach puberty earlier than normal.’
    • ‘Floating floor pieces are installed over a vapor retardant supplied by the manufacturer and are either glued or snapped together.’
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