Definition of retaliatory in US English:



  • (of an action) characterized by a desire for revenge.

    ‘fears of a retaliatory attack by the victim's friends’
    • ‘They will rule in April how much in retaliatory sanctions the union can exact.’
    • ‘Shooting creatures at long range will now bring a retaliatory action.’
    • ‘Some commissioners have been critical of the decision not to launch a retaliatory military strike.’
    • ‘The company this week offered its customers "protection" against such retaliatory suits in the form of an indemnification programme.’
    • ‘Following his murder, the rule of terror climaxed in the retaliatory destruction of the village.’
    • ‘There is something a little admonitory—even perhaps retaliatory—about such a response.’
    • ‘The organization has approved a list of retaliatory targets among the exports, including many agricultural commodities.’
    • ‘The street fighters had no qualms about drawing retaliatory bombardments on civilian areas.’
    • ‘Compensation negotiations should be finalized within 180 days, beyond which retaliatory actions can be taken by affected countries.’
    • ‘He was permitted to ignore a question regarding a proposed remedy for his company's retaliatory tactics.’