Definition of resveratrol in US English:



  • A polyphenol compound found in certain plants and in red wine that has antioxidant properties and has been investigated for possible anticarcinogenic effects.

    • ‘However, the beneficial metabolic effects of resveratrol have been clearly demonstrated in diabetic animal models.’
    • ‘Found in the skin of grapes, resveratrol belongs to a class of antioxidants produced by the plant to protect against infection.’
    • ‘Indeed, in the laboratory resveratrol protects cells from cancerous change.’
    • ‘The inhibitory effect of resveratrol on Botrytis mycelium growth has been a matter of debate.’
    • ‘Even among red wines the concentration of resveratrol can vary by more than an order of magnitude.’


1930s: blend of resin and veratrum (the plant from which the compound was first obtained) + -ol.