Definition of restrainer in US English:



  • See restrain

    • ‘Hurriedly, Brant threw off the hands of his restrainers and flew across the room to the door.’
    • ‘In '99, players removed the speed restrainers from carts and tried to add a few thrills to their free time.’
    • ‘Rats were restrained by putting them in cylindrical restrainers 5.5 cm in inner diameter and 20 cm in length, with small holes in the front end for ventilation.’
    • ‘It is time to identify the ineffective policies and real restrainers to the provision of affordable housing and stop the generalisation that the local landowner is always to blame.’
    • ‘Most of my experiments were based on the usual rules: a developer needs, beside the ‘developing agent, ‘a preservative, an accelerator, and sometimes a restrainer.’’