Definition of restrainedly in US English:



  • See restrained

    • ‘Zack, unlike Larissa and me, was not rude, and said politely, though rather restrainedly, ‘This is Winter.’’
    • ‘The mostly limestone facades, durable and restrainedly luxurious, are pure emanations of the New York skyscraper vernacular tradition.’
    • ‘‘Porch’ starts restrainedly, with vibes gradually added to the group's intricate interplay, but tension builds until the piece explodes in a carefully modulated hailstorm of guitar strafings and thunderous drumming.’
    • ‘The members of the emergency services were repeatedly but restrainedly commended for doing a fine job.’
    • ‘Internally, the design of the hotel is as restrainedly elegant as its exterior, with use of very few, carefully chosen materials.’