Definition of restorer in US English:



  • 1A person who repairs or renovates a building, work of art, etc. so as to return it to its original condition.

    ‘an accomplished restorer of old furniture’
    ‘the museum's art restorers’
    • ‘She knew him from her days working at the Metropolitan as a costume researcher and textile restorer.’
    • ‘Her divorced mother married a man who was a well-known miniature and china restorer.’
    • ‘Distribution of finds from a single excavation can equally benefit local history, museums, and aircraft restorers.’
    • ‘A self-taught boat restorer, he doesn't own a boat.’
    • ‘Entry to the profession requires an arts degree, followed by a postgraduate course or an apprenticeship with a restorer.’
    • ‘He worked as a restorer of rare books at a local history archive.’
    • ‘He plays a guy who's a restorer of buildings.’
    • ‘He laid the foundations of a huge fortune working as a copyist and restorer of antique statues for the tourist market.’
    • ‘The sculpture, a symbol of creativity, is a tribute to the artist's mother, who was a restorer of tapestries.’
    • ‘He's an antique car restorer who has played tournament poker for just three years.’
    1. 1.1 A person who brings back or re-establishes a previous right, practice, or situation.
      ‘the military's attempts to present themselves as restorers of law and order’
      • ‘He even minted his own coinage, which describes him as 'restorer of Britain'.’
      • ‘Will anger propel you to be a healer, a restorer, a rescuer, and a reconciler?’
      • ‘The king was anxious to appear as the serene restorer of order after the domestic chaos of mid-century.’
      • ‘He had proclaimed himself sovereign and restorer of the Mongol empire at Samarkand in 1370.’
      • ‘With his own lips he proclaimed the rewards to be lavished upon the restorers of the dynasty.’
      • ‘You are what they call a restorer—someone who has the ability to enter people's memories and fix them.’
      • ‘He is celebrated as a restorer of Russian greatness.’
      • ‘There was no better way to remind the restorer of the Ottoman Empire of the Safavid king.’
      • ‘The queen was Deborah the judge, restorer of the house of Israel.’
      • ‘His claim to Samian fame was that he was a political saviour and restorer.’
    2. 1.2 Something that returns a person or thing to a former condition.
      ‘a hair restorer’
      ‘sleep is a great restorer of the exhausted nerves’
      • ‘I started the product line with my natural skin restorer and beauty soap.’
      • ‘Remember that nature is your great restorer.’
      • ‘By day, this is a Valhalla of the city's founding families, but by night, you'd better bring your nerve restorer—it's scary.’
      • ‘Complete the form to receive your free sample of our strength-restorer shampoo, conditioner, and serum.’
      • ‘To clean wood cabinets, I love the orange-oil wood cleaner and the 'Feed-N-Wax' wood restorer and conditioner.’
      • ‘Magnetite is an energy restorer and has applications in the treatment of liver problems.’
      • ‘The nail restorer is a light semitransparent liquid and has to be applied to the nails daily.’
      • ‘The booster, which you add to your toothpaste, includes baking soda plus an innovative enamel surface restorer.’
      • ‘As to the complexion restorer, it does not appear that she ever tried it.’
      • ‘Both ammunition and health restorers were in short supply, and you had to actively look for them as you explored the game environments.’