Definition of restock in English:



  • Replenish (a store) with fresh stock or supplies.

    ‘work began at once to restock the fishery’
    • ‘‘They have to restock the display two or three times during a two-hour promotion,’ she said.’
    • ‘I restocked his food supply with rice cakes, salad, and cans of fresh air.’
    • ‘After they're waylaid by a violent storm, the men are forced to go into a town to restock their supplies.’
    • ‘But the GDP data plus monthly numbers suggest that companies are still having a hard time restocking their shelves.’
    • ‘Some disruption was expected in the months after the bankruptcy filing as the retailer scrambled to restock its shelves.’
    • ‘With this technique, known as micropropagation, forest-product companies can restock plantations with millions of genetically identical tree plantlets.’
    • ‘The evening is being catered by Tom's Snacks, who recently restocked the vending machines.’
    • ‘If they do not reproduce, channel catfish must be restocked periodically to replace those harvested.’
    • ‘Manufacturers are benefiting especially from the efforts of companies to restock inventories to levels that are better in line with the pickup in demand that began last year.’
    • ‘I tell her she needs to restock the fridge, so she says she'll go grocery shopping tomorrow after school.’
    • ‘In contrast, consuming sugar after a workout is vital for restocking muscle-glycogen stores.’
    • ‘Many developers are taking the opportunity to restock their land banks and will pay quite good prices for well located sites, particularly those on the major arterial routes.’
    • ‘Winter is also a good time to reorganize and restock your gardening supplies.’
    • ‘As well as annually producing fish for restocking rivers, Calverton also takes a leading role in spawning threatened species and in supporting research projects such as the current investigations on endocrine disrupting substances.’
    • ‘Production, sales, and payrolls will also get a lift from businesses' efforts to restock their current inadequate levels of inventories.’
    • ‘Farmers harvest the full-grown fish and restock the ponds with more fingerlings, meaning that several different ages of catfish are present in a pond at any one time.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, the government provided aid to farmers, and by the middle of the decade nearly a hundred ranches had been restocked with cattle.’
    • ‘However, the agriculture industry is expected to contract due to the failing meat price and farmers are expected to restock rather than sell their animals.’
    • ‘Stores are restocked daily - but sometimes, even that's not enough to meet demand.’
    • ‘As businesses seek to restock inventory as well as meet new demand, factory production will speed up, creating new jobs, more profits, and bigger wage and salary increases.’
    stock, pack, load
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