Definition of restfully in US English:



  • See restful

    • ‘She passed into cool twilight; her eye traveled restfully over old mosaics, gold on blue, dull red on gold.’
    • ‘I turn restfully under my ample bedding, nestling my sumptuous pillows into shape as the soft twirping of Ecuadorian birdsong echoes from the garden, soothing me into a state of deeper slumber.’
    • ‘Keeping your baby's room dark at naptime may help her sleep more restfully.’
    • ‘Even the noise or light of an electric clock will keep you from sleeping restfully.’
    • ‘The house is so restfully quiet she can hear the crickets chirping in the bushes outside, and the slight rattle of the teapot cover as her water bubbles to a boil on the stove.’