Definition of restart in US English:



Pronunciation /rēˈstärt//riˈstɑrt/
  • Start again.

    no object ‘the talks will restart in September’
    with object ‘he tried to restart his stalled car’
    • ‘It's almost like she's restarting from scratch.’
    • ‘A high-profile civil case would mean lurid newspaper headlines and act as a block to any possibility of restarting a television career.’
    • ‘He calmly replaced the string, restarted the performance and won the title.’
    • ‘That kind of misbehaviour has happened after I installed other applications and then continued using my computer without restarting it.’
    • ‘He has been competing in triathlons for two years but only restarted competing this season after taking a year out to pursue his career.’
    • ‘Repaving work that has so far cost £2.2m is restarting following a break over the Christmas period.’
    • ‘The final whistle sounded before the game could be restarted and Reds had secured another fabulous win.’
    • ‘Even if there is the will, a lot of cash is needed to get enterprises restarted.’
    • ‘The computer could not be restarted, so the programme returned to the national network.’
    • ‘But talks restarted and it is thought many fears have now been allayed.’
    • ‘Chris didn't reply, he just restarted the car and pulled back onto the main road.’
    • ‘But will the Act diminish the fear of bankruptcy and lead to, in some cases, the cycle of personal debt restarting?’
    • ‘After a huge crash on the second lap the race was restarted and he fought his way up to sixth only to be relegated back to eighth on aggregate time.’
    • ‘After some frantic work by the team, the engines were restarted and both cars joined the race, albeit two laps down on the rest of the field.’
    • ‘He stayed immobile when the game restarted and the referee then stopped play for him to receive immediate attention.’
    • ‘A specially developed starter-alternator makes sure the engine is immediately restarted.’
    • ‘Any weight loss will be mostly water rather than body fat and will be regained when normal eating is restarted.’
    • ‘Then, with ten minutes to go before restarting the boiler, we had a total power cut.’
    • ‘When the match was restarted the remaining four minutes were played in a sombre atmosphere.’
    • ‘The song was restarted once more and exactly the same thing happened.’
    resume, return to, pick up again, take up again, come back to, reopen, begin again, start again, recommence
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Pronunciation /ˈristɑrt//ˈrēstärt/
  • A new start or beginning.

    • ‘The deluge continued after the restart as Hornets turned on the style.’
    • ‘There was continued pressure from the Jags upon the restart and it was to pay dividends almost immediately.’
    • ‘Despite continuing to look the livelier on the restart, Clydebank were unable to create similar chances.’
    • ‘He must have transmitted his annoyance to his players because they were much better after the restart.’
    • ‘After the restart Rovers still had the upper hand although it was actually City who had the better scoring chances.’
    • ‘Their puzzlement increased four minutes after the restart as the visitors doubled their tally.’
    • ‘His revival continued after the restart with another brace of tries.’
    • ‘The points continued to flow on the restart, as did the goals as Carlow started to tire.’
    • ‘From the restart, the ball failed to cross the 10 metres, resulting in a scrum on halfway.’
    • ‘The second half saw a rejuvenated Clitheroe display and two quick goals after the restart put them in front.’
    • ‘At half time the players remained on the field and eight minutes after the restart Smith scored the second.’
    • ‘Kingston were shell shocked but defiant and from the restart, charged forward.’
    • ‘But it was in vain, as Bury kicked deep from the restart and the final whistle blew.’
    • ‘The home side pressed hard after the restart and eventually scored what proved to be the winning goal on the hour mark.’
    • ‘Kendal joy was shortlived as Manchester attacked from the restart and cracked a low shot into the corner of the net.’
    • ‘If Dundee went into the break with renewed hope, it was extinguished 10 minutes after the restart.’
    • ‘The team talk at half time woke up Kendal and they opened the scoring within the first 20 seconds of the restart.’
    • ‘Any remote chance of a recovery was soon wiped out as Newport bagged two quickfire tries after the restart.’
    • ‘The home defence had no such luck on the restart as Inverness eased ahead.’
    • ‘It has been more difficult than it ought to be for a club of their standing, but Rangers are in good shape for the restart.’
    restarting, recommencement, reopening, reinstitution
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