Definition of rest home in US English:

rest home


  • A residential institution where old or frail people are cared for.

    • ‘Under planning laws, permission for a rest home means the company can use a building as a psychiatric unit without consultation and councillors have no power to stop them.’
    • ‘I wonder whether he has a mother or father in a rest home.’
    • ‘I had two teenage boys and I'd planned to visit my mother in Ohio, where she was in a rest home.’
    • ‘I remember many years ago my grandmother went into a retirement village, then the rest home, and then the hospital.’
    • ‘One of the strengths of this book is the numerous checklists to prepare for such things as hospital admission, choosing a rest home, or hospital discharge.’
    • ‘I say that if one is in a rest home, a dementia ward, or in a hospital ward, one expects and deserves different standards of care.’
    • ‘Patient outcomes were recorded as death in hospital, return home, or discharge to a rest home or private hospital (institutional care).’
    • ‘A personal care and welfare enduring power of attorney involves appointing one private individual to make decisions about a rest home or hospital and medical and personal needs when you can't do it yourself.’
    • ‘The village will consist of 45 bungalow homes, apartments, a rest home, medical centre, pharmacy, shopping mall, bank, tennis courts and bowling green.’
    • ‘The Board outlined plans to build a campus with day care facilities which was to be more than just a rest home.’
    • ‘He has spent the last four months in a rest home, recovering from ‘nervous exhaustion.’’
    • ‘She had a stroke over 12 years ago and since then has been partially paralyzed and so has been living in the hospital wing of a rest home.’
    • ‘Rest homes had to have a large number of car-parks, but not any more, because these days people go to a rest home in an ambulance.’
    • ‘Earlier in the month, the nurses had picketed the rest home as part of an industrial campaign for a collective work agreement, including minimum staffing levels.’
    • ‘We're back at his house after the walk, and I'm looking at some paintings he did a while back, before he started at the rest home.’
    • ‘But some of the behaviours that had been conditioned by their many years of institutional care in psychiatric institutions proved totally inappropriate for a rest home situation.’
    • ‘At one point, a troubled and crisis-weary Jane goes to see her aging father at the rest home where he now lives.’
    • ‘It is rare to find an elderly Liberian American in a rest home because families take care of their elders.’
    • ‘The people who come in an ambulance to a rest home are generally very physically frail or have some form of dementia.’
    • ‘She said it was common knowledge amongst the residents that Barnett wanted the rest home to have the piano.’
    infirmary, clinic, sickbay, sickroom, medical centre, hospital, hospice, nursing home, convalescent home
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rest home

/ˈrɛs(t) ˌhoʊm//ˈres(t) ˌhōm/