Definition of rest (or sleep) easy in US English:

rest (or sleep) easy


  • Be untroubled by (or go to sleep without) worries.

    ‘this insurance policy will let you rest easy’
    • ‘Can we sleep easy at nights knowing that people are being paid sweatshop wages for our benefit?’
    • ‘The Home Secretary can rest easy in his bed tonight.’
    • ‘Now you can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that someone in a position of power is promoting your agenda.’
    • ‘A Ladbrokes spokesman said: ‘It looks like all the bookies will be sleeping easy in their beds on Christmas morning.’’
    • ‘How this person can sleep easy at night is beyond me.’
    • ‘If you were worried that the band had lost their touch, that they just weren't capable of making a good album, you can rest easy.’
    • ‘They can sleep easy at night, burying thoughts that intruders may compromise their privacy.’
    • ‘Regardless of what the polls might indicate, citizens are no longer resting easy in the belief that their government can be trusted to protect their interests.’
    • ‘That's not my fight, and I'll sleep easy tonight knowing that I've answered the call of duty with an extra topping of usefulness.’
    • ‘But on the basis of present evidence we can rest easy.’