Definition of responsibility in English:



  • 1The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

    ‘women bear children and take responsibility for child care’
    • ‘The first step is to take responsibility for your computer just like you take responsibility for your own health.’
    • ‘Individual producers are encouraged to take responsibility for the biosecurity of their livestock enterprises.’
    • ‘There was an onus on parents to take responsibility for their children and this was not emphasised enough.’
    • ‘And in turn, those subjugated by that state should take responsibility for their leaders.’
    • ‘The entire community has to take responsibility for preventing and dealing with victimization.’
    • ‘‘The minister's prime responsibility and biggest duty is to ensure public safety,’ she said.’
    • ‘So therefore, we have to take responsibility for controlling those powers we develop.’
    • ‘I'm sure it's possible for us as a species to take responsibility for our own waste products.’
    • ‘Women are more likely to take responsibility for daily and routine money management and ensure that children's needs are met.’
    • ‘The pilot in command bears ultimate responsibility for his own safety.’
    • ‘I make the effort, not only to recycle but to take responsibility for the waste my home produces.’
    • ‘Throughout the marriage, Heather assumed primary responsibility for the care of the children and the home.’
    • ‘There was a lack of creativity and a lack of taking responsibility on our part, " Christie said.’
    • ‘In their new role, grandmothers became intimately involved with their grandchildren by assuming primary responsibility for their care.’
    • ‘And, if we deal with reality, scholars must take responsibility for theories.’
    • ‘The NEP is designed to encourage local communities to take responsibility for managing their own estuaries.’
    • ‘As well as recruiting for the new roles, the company will take responsibility for training and management of all new hires.’
    • ‘However, paraprofessionals assumed primary responsibility for the personal care of students and for playground supervision.’
    • ‘Fellow climbers offer limited help, but no one is prepared to take responsibility for his life.’
    • ‘The more we take responsibility for our energy, the more empowered and productive we become.’
    authority, control, power, leadership, management, influence
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    1. 1.1The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
      ‘the group has claimed responsibility for a string of murders’
      • ‘In fact, no one has claimed responsibility for any of the recent terrorist attacks in the area.’
      • ‘This is another form of avoiding responsibility and shifting blame.’
      • ‘Once again the government is abdicating its responsibility and laying the blame elsewhere.’
      • ‘And by setting up a demand that is impossible to fulfil, it replaces responsibility and accountability with blame.’
      • ‘Not once did the manager accept any blame or responsibility himself.’
      • ‘I had not realised how much he blamed himself, how willing he was to accept full responsibility for what had happened to me.’
      • ‘The proprietors will not accept responsibility for any loss of or damage to personal property while on the premises.’
      • ‘For the first time, something deep within his being finally faced the facts, finally accepted responsibility.’
      • ‘Start by accepting this responsibility and stop blaming others for your failures.’
      • ‘The blame and responsibility rests squarely upon human shoulders.’
      • ‘The President is constitutionally unable to accept blame or responsibility for anything which happens under his watch.’
      • ‘He places the blame and responsibility for the murder on the boy in question and how he was raised.’
      • ‘The letter attempts to apportion responsibility and blame between our council and the Government.’
      • ‘No one seemed to care, be accountable, or accept responsibility - except me.’
      • ‘But a minister should also be prepared to accept blame and responsibility for the mistakes and bungles made.’
      • ‘Now, there has been a claim of responsibility for today's attack.’
      • ‘No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but such violence is usually blamed on religious militants.’
      • ‘They shirked responsibility, put the blame on others, finding refuge in generalities and then in an unthinking bustle of activity.’
      • ‘Do you want me to take full blame and full responsibility?’
      • ‘Every department blames the other and no one accepts responsibility.’
    2. 1.2The opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization.
      ‘we would expect individuals lower down the organization to take on more responsibility’
      • ‘And they want equality of both opportunity and responsibility.’
      • ‘They were given both decision making power and responsibility.’
      • ‘Employees are chosen for self-sufficiency and for the ability to take responsibility.’
      • ‘It's a real commitment to equal opportunity, to fiscal responsibility and a fair society.’
      • ‘He observed that meetings served several illusory purposes: communication, decision making, and responsibility.’
      • ‘Cultures like the Japanese or some continental European ones are less aghast at the idea of collective decision making and responsibility.’
      • ‘Give responsibility for minor decision making to the elder councils.’
      • ‘It's very important for the growth of the child's ability and responsibility to think in a complex way.’
      • ‘Moreover, the job has provided me with great responsibility as well as opportunities, many of which I have exploited.’
      • ‘If you believe in social justice, in solidarity, in equality of opportunity and responsibility, then believe in the reforms to get us there.’
      • ‘This sums up very neatly his belief that people should be given both responsibility and opportunity, and that they will use both wisely.’
      • ‘Not making a decision absolves procrastinators of responsibility for the outcome of events.’
      • ‘Lessons about decision making and responsibility are combined with often harsh physical tests to reinforce the message.’
      • ‘The increases were recommended by independent panels, which say new ways of making decisions mean more responsibility and work.’
      • ‘He said the corporation should also be given some responsibility and authority in the sandmining operations.’
      • ‘They already have responsibility for key decisions about transport, waste, energy, housing and other development.’
      • ‘Install a corporate ethics officer with real authority and independent reporting responsibility to the board.’
      • ‘Give employees ownership of and responsibility for their decisions.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, employers have made a decision to pass retirement responsibility back to the state, by closing final salary schemes up and down the country.’
      • ‘Such mutual independence supported by collective responsibility through state institutions seems like a good thing to me.’
    3. 1.3A thing that one is required to do as part of a job, role, or legal obligation.
      ‘he will take over the responsibilities of overseas director’
      • ‘I know of a particular group who are already set up and will take on this task and the responsibilities that go with it.’
      • ‘She'd like me to be more creative, but that kind of life is easier if you don't have responsibilities.’
      • ‘We have a social responsibility and the authority has legal responsibilities.’
      • ‘These newly elected trustees must surely be aware of the magnitude of their responsibilities.’
      • ‘The club is well aware of its responsibilities and treats the situation very seriously.’
      • ‘Civilian officers have been asked to take on their responsibilities, he said.’
      • ‘The company cannot be allowed to get out of its legal responsibilities in this way.’
      • ‘Unhappiness at work and home can also arise if you feel unsure about how to cope with your responsibilities.’
      • ‘It would have responsibilities over a range of areas including jobs, housing and planning.’
      • ‘The role and responsibilities of the sponsor in clinical research are key issues.’
      • ‘My responsibilities have dramatically decreased, giving me time to learn my lines.’
      • ‘I hope they will receive a commensurate pay rise for any additional responsibilities.’
      • ‘His responsibilities include modernisation of the health service across the North.’
      • ‘The table gives the main roles and responsibilities for research governance.’
      • ‘I have different responsibilities now, and as yet have no idea how onerous they'll be.’
      • ‘Actors need to adopt a wider set of roles and responsibilities, underpinned by regulation.’
      • ‘Further official roles and responsibilities are being drawn up by the board.’
      • ‘He has resumed full responsibilities at work and continues to play a key role in the partnership.’
      • ‘The burden of his espionage responsibilities gives him a distinct air of desperation.’
      • ‘Three months ago my girlfriend began a more demanding job with a lot of new responsibilities.’
    4. 1.4[in singular]A moral obligation to behave correctly toward or in respect of.
      ‘individuals have a responsibility to control personal behavior’
      • ‘I believe we have a moral responsibility to change the world for today's and tomorrow's children.’
      • ‘I think they have a moral responsibility to people.’
      • ‘Certainly we have a responsibility to work toward relieving the global burden of injustice.’
      • ‘Let's examine if we have an ethical responsibility to respect this secret.’
      • ‘You and I have a moral responsibility to lift these families out of poverty.’
      • ‘They have the responsibility to behave reasonably in the face of possible threats.’
      • ‘Each and every individual has a responsibility towards these forests and trees, he said.’
      • ‘They understand that they have the responsibility to behave in an acceptable manner.’
      • ‘Every citizen has the right to information, but they also have a responsibility to respect various security considerations.’
      • ‘Or might we reduce it to a moral question: do not occupiers have a moral responsibility to take the most extraordinary care with civilian lives?’
      • ‘Every person has a responsibility to behave with integrity, honesty and fairness.’
      • ‘Junior staff now have limits on their working hours, but we have a moral responsibility to get the work done.’
      • ‘We have a responsibility to respect their creative integrity and artistic vision while finding new ways to do business.’
      • ‘I also maintain that employers have a moral responsibility to pay their staff a living wage.’
      • ‘I don't know about the UN's legal rights, but surely there's a moral responsibility to intervene.’
      • ‘He says that to maintain integrity, doctors have a moral responsibility to act as advocates for their patients and try and change the system.’
      • ‘We have a responsibility to respect the consciences of the individuals and groups among us and among the church community.’
      • ‘Individuals had a moral responsibility to secure just rights for themselves and others.’
      • ‘Where the private sector fails to provide jobs, the public sector has a moral responsibility to do so.’
      • ‘They have a moral responsibility to be impartial and to show that they are impartial.’