Definition of responsa prudentum in US English:

responsa prudentum

(also responsa prudentium)


  • Chiefly treated as plural. The formally expressed opinions and judgements of especially eminent lawyers, influential as a source of the Roman Civil Law.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in Abraham Fraunce (?1559–?1593), poet and lawyer. In some forms from post-classical Latin responsa prudentum, alteration of classical Latin respōnsa prūdentium the answers of the learned from respōnsa, plural of respōnsum + prūdentium, genitive plural of prūdent-, prūdēns. In some forms directly from classical Latin respōnsa prūdentium.


responsa prudentum

/rɪˈspɒnsə pruːˈdɛntəm/