Definition of respirometer in US English:



  • 1A device that measures the rate of consumption of oxygen by a living organism or organic system.

    • ‘Four respirometer chambers were run in parallel, interfaced with a computer for data acquisition and analysis.’
    • ‘Oxygen consumption, an estimation of the rate of metabolism, was measured in bats submitted to different ambient temperatures, under dim light, using an open-air flow respirometer.’
    • ‘We used an open-circuit respirometer to determine resting metabolic rates of 17 wintering dunlins captured on Tomales Bay.’
    • ‘Birds were placed in respirometers between 1500 and 1600 h. Oxygen consumption and T b were recorded from 1600 to 0700 h the following morning, after which birds were returned to their cages and fed.’
    • ‘The inability of ARPE-Rho 0 cells to respire was confirmed by oxygen consumption analysis in a respirometer.’
    1. 1.1Medicine An instrument for measuring the air capacity of the lungs.
      • ‘Exhaled volumes were measured at the y connector using a respirometer, with an accuracy of [+ or -] 2% at a continuous flow of 16 L / min, and [+ or -] 5 to 10% at 60 L / min.’
      • ‘Between uses on different patients, portable respirometers and ventilator thermometers should be sterilized or subjected to high-level disinfection.’
      • ‘Other instruments developed from this time also included the Wright respirometer, still in use in anaesthetics.’