Definition of respiratory pigment in US English:

respiratory pigment


  • A substance (such as hemoglobin or hemocyanin) with a molecule consisting of protein with a pigmented prosthetic group, involved in the physiological transport of oxygen or electrons.

    • ‘Thus, contrary to the insects, the evolution of a tracheal system in the Myriapoda was not accompanied by the loss of respiratory pigments in the hemolymph.’
    • ‘Massed red blood corpuscles are red in color owing to the presence of the respiratory pigment hemoglobin.’
    • ‘Whereas Adrianov and Malakhov suspect the electron-dense material in the body cavity to represent respiratory pigments, Neuhaus assumes such pigments in the osmiophilic vesicles of the amoebocytes.’
    • ‘This article addresses a presentation of a new and complete multigenic family of extracellular globins in R. pachyptila and a possible scenario of duplication events that explains the evolution of such a peculiar respiratory pigment.’