Definition of respirate in US English:



[with object]Medicine Biology
  • Assist (a person or animal) to breathe by means of artificial respiration.

    ‘the animals were respirated artificially’
    • ‘Both incidents happened during the day and although some equipment in the intensive care unit is linked to emergency batteries, a number of patients had to be respirated manually until full power could be restored.’
    • ‘The physician is therefore always striving to achieve adequate oxygenation of the artificially respirated patient using the lowest possible inspiratory oxygen concentration.’
    • ‘A second gas volume flow sensor is located in the connection line between the patient connection piece and the patient being respirated.’
    • ‘However, in a case where even one injection of morphine might cause spontaneous respiration to cease, it is forbidden to administer this drug, even if he is in serious pain, unless the patient will be mechanically respirated.’


Mid 17th century: back-formation from respiration.