Definition of resoundingly in US English:



  • 1In an unmistakable or emphatic manner; totally.

    ‘the people voted resoundingly for change’
    ‘her first attempt at writing was resoundingly rejected’
    • ‘State financing of political parties was resoundingly repealed by the voters in a referendum held in April.’
    • ‘The nature of her talent is resoundingly dramatic, distinctly different from the more discursive male laureates.’
    • ‘In an interview, the projects manager resoundingly endorsed the plan to build a training centre there.’
    • ‘The case went to court where his claim resoundingly failed.’
    • ‘He immediately organized elections, which he won resoundingly.’
    • ‘The ineptly conceived murder of the boys is resoundingly anticlimactic.’
    • ‘The breadth of gadgets covered here is resoundingly impressive.’
    • ‘He has recently left the band to start his own resoundingly successful solo career.’
    • ‘This is a resoundingly comic love story.’
    • ‘The work answers the question of whether a non-believer can write a successful sacred work resoundingly in the affirmative.’
  • 2In a loud and reverberating manner.

    ‘the bell over the door echoed resoundingly’
    • ‘They were hurling cans resoundingly about us like a peal of church bells.’
    • ‘Ringing gaily, they swing and sway resoundingly—as each rings and rings, an angel in heaven wins its wings.’
    • ‘They raise their conches and horns and blow resoundingly on them.’
    • ‘Philadelphia will on Thursday noon send the clapper of the old bell resoundingly against its cracked sides.’
    • ‘The great hand-bell by lusty arm was deftly swung three times resoundingly.’
    • ‘A peal of thunder crashed through the hills and echoed resoundingly.’
    • ‘He pours forth his song now, resoundingly, in celebration of the athlete's success.’
    • ‘At that moment there came a peal of horns that echoed resoundingly.’
    • ‘The glorious mix of water, blood, flotsam, and jetsam crackles resoundingly with a new life.’
    • ‘The deep tone of the bell rang out resoundingly, heralding its arrival.’