Definition of resize in English:



  • Alter the size of (something, especially a computer window or image)

    • ‘Note that I have resized the image, the original is a bit bigger.’
    • ‘When using this technique to move or resize a window, each press of an arrow key moves or resizes the window by about 10 pixels.’
    • ‘The viewing software automatically resizes the image and offers zooming, panning, and scrolling functions.’
    • ‘One feature that I like is that, if you've selected the ‘fit’ sizing option, it will automatically resize an image that is too large for the screen to the largest proportional size that will fit on the screen.’
    • ‘You'll generally want to use this maximum resolution for slides, since the image resolution drops drastically when you resize the image.’
    • ‘If you'd like to resize an image in JPEG format, you can do so in one of two ways - through your graphics program or within your HTML.’
    • ‘To minimize the window, just click on a corner of the screen, hold the mouse down and drag to resize the window.’
    • ‘The software automatically resizes the digital images and allows the viewer to zoom, pan, scroll, and perform other operations that enhance image viewing.’
    • ‘Today's digital cameras come with the software you need to crop and resize the image.’
    • ‘I spent the last few hours resizing images and giving them completely unfunny captions.’
    • ‘Learn how to resize images for the web and printed output.’
    • ‘These images were subsequently resized and enhanced in brightness and contrast for visual clarity.’
    • ‘The software automatically resizes the image as you go along.’
    • ‘The width will grow and shrink as the browser window is resized.’
    • ‘It includes such functions as dragging icons between folders, resizing windows inside the browser, sorting data easily and the like.’
    • ‘However, when working with a flexible design, users can easily control line length and text size by resizing the browser window and using the text zoom feature.’
    • ‘You may need to scroll or resize the pop-up image window to get a good view.’
    • ‘Always resize your image in your graphics software before you insert it onto your web page.’
    • ‘Once uploaded, resize the image so that the largest dimension is 100 px and then scan it in pixel by pixel the way we scanned during the learning process.’
    • ‘These features help you to accurately resize your images while retaining the resolution and quality, change the JPEG quality, and create captions for your photos.’