Definition of resistance level in US English:

resistance level


Stock Market
  • An upper price level for a security or commodity that is repeatedly reached but not exceeded due to resistance from the market.

    ‘as the price went up to the previous resistance level, the experienced traders started selling to the inexperienced traders’
    • ‘The other support and resistance levels are less influential, but may still generate significant price movements.’
    • ‘Studies of trend lines have shown that a break through resistance levels generally occurs with great gusto, that is, with big volume and a rapid increasing stock price.’
    • ‘If the price is entering from below, then the price is at a resistance level.’
    • ‘The S&P 500 has bumped up against a critically important resistance level.’
    • ‘Any security will only break through its support and resistance levels if sufficient volume is attached to it.’
    • ‘These resistance levels are points at which professional investors think that there is a reason to buy stocks, and we tend to bounce around those levels.’
    • ‘The EUR/USD has pushed above the 100-Day SMA at 1.3222 but unless we see a clear break of the resistance level, we could see it limit future gains.’
    • ‘The $1.60 mark was a key resistance level and now that it's fallen beneath this, we could see a healthy correction.’
    • ‘The index is close to a so-called resistance level based on a 90-day moving average of 4202.125.’
    • ‘I think, given the fact that it broke a resistance level of 55.75 pesos and now is trading in new territory, the likelihood has increased that it will reach 56 pesos.’