Definition of residually in US English:



  • See residual

    • ‘There is something residually haughty in its demeanour, something defiantly unvulgar in the pride with which it stands on its regal, multi-spoked wheels.’
    • ‘This last theorem implies, in particular, the proposition that free groups are residually finite.’
    • ‘To be specific, modeling consumer confidence as a state-space system - which, in a sense, defines the non-economic component residually in a sophisticated way - permits indirect inferences to be made.’
    • ‘Slipped into an inner courtyard, it is cool, modernist, yet residually neoclassical in mood, and hugely successful.’
    • ‘No doubt members of an oral or residually oral society, however, have greater powers of memory than those in a literate culture, who have let such capacities atrophy.’