Definition of residual stress in US English:

residual stress


  • The stress present in an object in the absence of any external load or force.

    • ‘Factors that affect the stress-corrosion susceptibility of high-strength steels are their composition, structure, strength level, applied stress, residual stress, environment and time.’
    • ‘Machining operations also can result in residual stress and require intermediate stress relieving prior to final machining.’
    • ‘Aftershocks are generally the result of the release of residual stress in areas not ruptured in the main shock.’
    • ‘In the no-load state, the inner wall is under compression whereas the outer wall is in tension because of the existence of residual stress and strain.’
    • ‘These two microstructural elements both have adverse effects on the distribution of residual stress in the case-hardened part.’