Definition of residential in US English:



  • 1Designed for people to live in.

    ‘private residential and nursing homes’
    • ‘She is in sheltered accommodation but might have to go into full-time residential care.’
    • ‘This in turn frees up the health services and places in residential care.’
    • ‘In this case, we have a small residential home with a small number of employees.’
    • ‘These services also help people to live independently on leaving residential care, prison, hospital or from being homeless.’
    • ‘The association has been helping people living mainly in residential care for three years and has ambitious plans for expansion.’
    • ‘They will also be making over gardens in nearby residential homes.’
    • ‘Age Concern often ends up helping older people move into residential care simply because they don't want the worry of running a home any more.’
    • ‘The former nurse, who lives at the residential home, is still taking part in weekly art classes.’
    • ‘How many of your readers would choose to live in residential care or nursing homes if there was full support in the community?’
    • ‘She had no next of kin and had lived in a residential home for the past 50 years.’
    • ‘We delivered all the babies from the nearby residential home for unmarried mothers.’
    • ‘She can no longer live on her own, and has been forced to live in a residential care home.’
    • ‘He was thrown in at the deep end, expected to live at the residential centre he worked at along with the users who were his clients.’
    • ‘Some residential hospices designed specifically for hospice care also exist.’
    • ‘We need to be very aware that we have an ageing population, and that we will require the services of those residential care facilities.’
    1. 1.1 Providing accommodations in addition to other services.
      ‘a residential college’
      • ‘The building has been vacant since it closed as a residential college for wealthy Middle-Easterners about 20 years ago.’
      • ‘This is a WI residential adult college which will be celebrating its 54th anniversary this year.’
      • ‘A Higher Education centre, improved student residential accommodation and catering facilities are also planned.’
      • ‘Recently, I went to a function at my old university residential college.’
      • ‘The building has been vacant since it closed as a residential college 20 years ago.’
    2. 1.2 Occupied by private houses.
      ‘quieter traffic in residential areas’
      • ‘The driveway soon leads to a residential road in the suburb.’
      • ‘The traffic movements would also have a significantly negative impact on an area that is overwhelmingly residential.’
      • ‘People from the surrounding residential area have constantly complained of noise and vandalism caused by youngsters leaving the club.’
      • ‘Certain parts of the residential districts had certain designs for the houses built in them.’
      • ‘Population growth has led to the building of many new residential areas.’
      • ‘My wife and I live in a residential neighborhood in a large University town, USA.’
      • ‘The shelters will provide seating for the youngsters so they can socialise away from children's playgrounds and residential areas.’
      • ‘In some new residential areas the concept was so popular that it became the major type of street.’
      • ‘Officers in pursuit attempt to box the driver in before his rampage turns deadly in the nearby residential neighborhood.’
      • ‘Official permission is not needed as long as the guns are licensed and the shoot takes place on private land away from residential areas.’
      • ‘People living on a residential estate have fought off plans for a new fish and chip shop.’
      • ‘These small private outlets with an average size of about 10 square metres are mainly located in residential areas.’
      • ‘The protest centres around the installation of traffic-calming measures on a residential area in the town.’
      • ‘The two-hour restriction was introduced ten years ago to stop commuters parking on nearby residential streets.’
      • ‘There was generally a good but mixed standard within the residential areas, with some estates practically litter free.’
      • ‘According to officials, there are several issues with regard to monitoring air quality in residential areas.’
      • ‘The gangs of youths were also blamed for skateboarding in residential areas, drinking, leaving litter and being verbally abusive.’
      • ‘The police decided to proceed very cautiously, as they were in a residential area, and people were in all the houses around.’
      • ‘Meat outlets should not be set up near residential areas as it increases the risk of contagious diseases if the meat gets contaminated.’
    3. 1.3 Concerning or relating to residence.
      ‘land has been diverted from residential use’
      • ‘Blocks in the middle of rainforest were rezoned residential in the 1980s and sold off by a developer.’
      • ‘The property also is designed to include residential, office and hotel space.’
      • ‘There are residential properties but no commercial premises there.’
      • ‘Occupants have been evicted from yet another dilapidated city office block that is being used illegally as residential accommodation.’
      • ‘Mold is the latest environmental hazard issue to concern the residential housing industry.’
      • ‘Most residential properties are presented to a high standard.’
      • ‘Nobody would have had any problem with the fact it was zoned residential.’
      • ‘In Galway city both the new and secondhand residential property markets were equally active.’
      • ‘The alliance applies to both commercial and residential property business.’
      • ‘The following year, the land was zoned residential, substantially increasing its value.’
      • ‘The height was later reduced and the design altered to include residential and commercial space.’
      • ‘There is even a plan for a limited up-market residential development within the complex.’
      • ‘The rooms at the market were never intended to house people and are thus not suitable as residential units.’
      • ‘As everyone knows, more downtown residential units are needed and needed now.’
      • ‘Also in this area are a concert hall, posh residential flats and an enormous Hilton hotel.’