Definition of resident adviser in US English:

resident adviser

(also resident assistant)


  • (in a college or university) a student who is responsible for supervising and assisting other, typically younger, students who live in the same residence hall.

    ‘the hall houses a bilingual resident adviser and up to fifty students’
    • ‘In tears, she went to her resident assistant.’
    • ‘According to Garneau, a resident assistant had removed all of the fliers within less than two hours.’
    • ‘Fifteen resident advisers are assigned to live in Lynton Towers, receiving free room and board in exchange for providing support services for students.’
    • ‘For two years, the university paid his room and board because he was a resident advisor.’
    • ‘I was a resident assistant at a dorm.’
    • ‘After the talk of violence, she spoke to a resident adviser.’
    • ‘They make routine dorm visits and patrol particular floors based on student complaints or tips from resident assistants.’
    • ‘You may want to involve a resident advisor for the dorm in this discussion.’
    • ‘Kids ran rampant through the halls; the resident assistants didn't know what to do with themselves.’
    • ‘They also train student resident advisers in all topics, from spotting signs of depression and suicidal tendencies to helping victims of sexual assault and approaching someone with an eating disorder.’