Definition of residence time in US English:

residence time


  • The average length of time during which a substance, a portion of material, or an object is in a given location or condition, such as adsorption or suspension.

    ‘the construction of drains has reduced the residence time of water in the soil’
    • ‘The actual increase would be much less, since the residence time of water vapor in the atmosphere is about nine days.’
    • ‘The residence time of the participating water molecules can vary significantly.’
    • ‘The residence time is the average time an element spends in the ocean before it is removed to the sediment.’
    • ‘The less material there is to heat, the shorter the required residence time.’
    • ‘The offset in these two curves reflects the lengthy residence time for bioclasts in this high wave energy coastal environment, and a component of sediment recycling from older barriers.’