Definition of reseed in US English:



[with object]
  • Sow (an area of land) with seed, especially grass seed, again.

    • ‘Now is the best time to fertilize and reseed your lawn.’
    • ‘If possible, relocate fencing so the previously infested area can be reseeded and mowed regularly.’
    • ‘The grass seed mix should contain very little tetraploid varieties if heavy land is being reseeded.’
    • ‘Shade under a tree is difficult to solve without the drastic step of cutting it back or completely removing, but it is worth reseeding the area with a grass variety that will tolerate those conditions.’
    • ‘You want to consider fertilizing and reseeding your lawn twice before the winter.’
    • ‘Fall is a prime time to reseed bare patches in the lawn.’
    • ‘When it comes to annual vines, there is one sure favorite that I reseed every year.’
    • ‘Now that the ploughing match is over and the weather holding up many farmers in the parish are ploughing and reseeding areas from two to ten acres.’
    • ‘And fescue turf can always be reseeded this fall.’
    • ‘Another option is to cut sod from a less visible area of your lawn to patch a priority area and reseed the area where the patch was taken.’
    • ‘It survives all but the harshest winters, and even then reseeds itself very effectively.’
    • ‘Companies are also required to reseed disturbed areas, keep fencing up and livestock away from on-site toxic chemicals, close gates, and fully reclaim the land and water after a well is no longer producing.’
    • ‘Mixes that contain only wildflowers usually need reseeding the first few years until the plants produce enough seed to become self-sustaining.’
    • ‘Then, reseed the entire lawn if necessary, or simply patch certain areas as required.’
    • ‘For example, some seed mixtures work well in shady areas, while other mixtures are made for reseeding sunny areas.’
    • ‘The best time to establish a new lawn from seed is in the fall, but many homeowners will need to reseed patches of lawn that have been damaged during the winter.’
    • ‘You'll have to spray all the grass in the area, then reseed with good quality grass seed.’
    • ‘There's alfalfa that needs to be killed and removed, and the ground has to be reseeded with grass.’
    • ‘If you have cool season turf, you can reseed it now.’
    • ‘A considerable amount of hay and pasture land is being reseeded, he noted, suggesting flooding last summer and winter kill appear to have set the crop back.’
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