Definition of reseat in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Cause (someone) to sit down again after they have risen.

    ‘he reseated himself in his armchair’
    • ‘Daniel returned it and then reseated himself beside his wife.’
    • ‘No sooner were we reseated in the carriage than I began a pathetic remonstrance with Mrs Damer upon the impropriety of her allowing her mad-cap of a sister to turn everything into ridicule and make a laughing stock of everybody.’
    • ‘‘Please continue,’ he said, reseating himself.’
    • ‘‘Thanks,’ Jack said when Arley reseated herself.’
    • ‘In spite of the panic that ensued, the Professor got everyone reseated and then had Jade go and call 911.’
    • ‘Shrugging nonchalantly, Lucia sat down in the only open seat left at the table once her dark-skinned friend had reseated herself.’
    • ‘She twiddled her thumbs with a contemplative frown, stood to pace for a moment, then reseated herself and cleared her throat.’
    • ‘He reseated himself and poked Riann in the side, prompting him to stand and speak.’
    • ‘Lucy reseated herself, motioning for the emissary to take a seat on the upper deck, so as to better see what was going on.’
    • ‘Thus was it pressed upon them that they must rebel to reseat the ancient kings on their thrones, and drive the trespassers away.’
    • ‘In front of him one of the monkeys stood, did a backflip, then reseated himself to the chattering approval of the others.’
    • ‘Martin reseated himself, and waited for Tom to begin.’
    • ‘When she returned to her table, Jarel stood, reseating her.’
    • ‘‘Johnny Shakes,’ Will answered as Elizabeth reseated herself.’
    • ‘The meal passed in small talk and asking about events of the day or easy banter before Samuel cleared the table and set a cup of coffee and a plate of German chocolate cake before her and reseating himself across from her.’
    • ‘The purple flames subsided, and Suka reseated herself, wiping invisible specks of dust from her apron.’
    • ‘Gilbert moved quickly in before Lou could reseat herself.’
    1. 1.1 Cause to sit in a new position.
      ‘we reseated the orchestra for each variation’
      • ‘As the two knights reseated themselves at another table and began ordering again, a troupe of men in strange armor with helmets shaped like dragonheads came thundering into the little sushi shack.’
      • ‘Ereana reseated herself in the stables on a pile of fresh wheat, feeling utterly useless.’
      • ‘Although Peter explained that he had used his own judgment in not reseating the passengers, the court ruled that he had violated the ordinance and fined him five dollars or ten days in jail.’
      • ‘He got out of the car and then reseated himself in the driver's seat.’
      • ‘The plan will mean reseating for some faculty and staff ticket holders, said the athletics director.’
    2. 1.2 Realign or repair (a tap, valve, or other object) in order to fit it into its correct position.
      • ‘Also, try uninstalling the card, physically reseating it (if it's removable) and reinstalling the software.’
      • ‘'I would unseat and reseat the memory, then maybe do the same with the video card.’’
      • ‘After reseating the vidcard all worked well and the customer was very happy.’
      • ‘Finally, look at the condition of the gasket, and how uniformly the damper flap closes against it - if necessary, clean, reseat or replace the gasket.’
      • ‘And when was the last time you opened up a machine and reseated all the boards to eliminate a thermal expansion problem?’
      • ‘Another DNA segment, the so-called transporting segment, then passes through the double-stranded break and the break is reseated.’
      • ‘I ran the test over and over, reseating the probes each time just in case I had something wrong.’
      • ‘Both hard drives failed to register during the boot sequence and I had to resort to reseating every connector and giving them a little ‘tap’ with my trusty hammer, in order to break the stiction.’
      • ‘The nose jack remained in place, but a crash forklift was used to raise the aircraft, and jack stands then were reseated to stabilize the Hawkeye.’
      • ‘I don't know what was wrong with it, but I've fiddled around with the internals, reseated some connections and tweaked the control centre.’
      • ‘Then before reseating the connections, examine the male ends, and look for bent or sunken pins.’
      • ‘After you install the new floor, you will need to remove the old wax seal under the toilet, install a new wax seal, and reseat the toilet.’
      • ‘I even reseated the new Intel reference cooler several times to be sure it was snug against the surface of the CPU package.’
      • ‘He's going to come back with a reseating tool and fix that at some stage.’
      • ‘We just need to remove and reseat all the components again.’
      • ‘During a pre-race check that morning, it had seemed a bit wobbly, so I had pulled it out and reseated it with some ‘miracle adhesive.’’
      • ‘After trying numerous outlets and reseating every part of the laptop adapter, I carried the whole mess back to the lab.’
      • ‘It takes a bit of patience to do this, because if you don't plan this out right, you won't be able to properly reseat your motherboard into the stand-offs.’
  • 2Equip with new seats.

    ‘the coaches were reseated last year to increase capacity’
    • ‘She was a Nipmuc Indian who made a living in the early nineteenth century selling baskets and reseating flag-bottomed chairs for local white families.’