Definition of reseal in English:



  • 1Seal (something) again.

    • ‘Carefully, in case she found that she needed to reseal it, she steamed the envelope open and peeled away the fold.’
    • ‘Resealing the concrete will trap odors in the concrete plus it will help prevent anything else from soaking into it.’
    • ‘After resealing the bag, I waited for the sugar cubes to dissolve, then kneaded the pulp a little to ensure a good mix.’
    • ‘It turned out that he had carefully opened the box, put a ring in it, then carefully resealed it.’
    • ‘His tool kit includes equipment for unsealing and resealing envelopes, miniature microphones, and wiretapping equipment.’
    • ‘Site personnel were resealing the penetration after cable installation and were checking the airflow through a temporary seal with a candle flame prior to installing the permanent sealing material.’
    • ‘This finding suggests that most wounded cells reseal their membrane defect and that a relatively small fraction of wounded lung cells undergo necrosis.’
    • ‘The colleague then informed the experimenter of the participant number and resealed the envelope.’
    • ‘For four days they cleaned out shops until Egyptian forces resealed the border and built a concrete wall.’
    • ‘Having removed some specimens for analysis, the team took care to reseal the entrance with boulders, thus erasing all evidence of the discovery and restoring the burial place to its original seclusion.’
    • ‘After opening packets of dried foods, such as flour, rice and breakfast cereals, reseal them tightly or transfer the contents to storage jars with tight lids.’
    • ‘We opened each container, ate what we wanted, and then resealed the container.’
    • ‘Pour out as much E2 as you want to fill with Vodka then reseal with tape and glue the label back on.’
    • ‘The shaft was then resealed and access is restricted.’
    • ‘The sealcoat wears off of the surface relatively rapidly, especially in areas of high traffic, and many surfaces are resealed every two to three years.’
    • ‘I told my father I had resealed the bathtub.’
    • ‘What generally happens if items are damaged is they are resealed in special clear plastic bags and delivered.’
    • ‘I added 16 ounces of tap water and resealed the bag.’
    • ‘To open the package, the consumer unscrews the easy-to-open plastic overcap, removes the inner plastic seal by pulling the pullring, and can reseal the bottle with the overcap.’
    • ‘The law enforcement officers quickly resealed the blockade.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Originally we were not going to reseal the roof space once we have removed the asbestos, but we have been advised it would be better to do it.’’
    • ‘Always reseal open bags to prevent the mix drying out and store it in a cool, dark environment.’
    • ‘Reluctantly I resealed the box and put it in the stack of things to come home with me, though from time to time I reached over and ran my fingers along the cardboard just to assure myself it was really there.’
    • ‘The union favours a one-off extra charge over an increase in fares because of the costs of resetting and resealing meters.’
    • ‘After resealing both doors, Tim led John to the end of the hall.’
    • ‘For example, a man comes to your door offering you a great deal on resealing a driveway.’
    • ‘Oskar resealed the letter and began to laugh as he replaced it under Dorothea's door.’
    • ‘Staff resealed the ballot box, witnessed by others.’
    • ‘After resealing the bag, I waited for the sugar cubes to dissolve.’
    • ‘They quickly resealed them.’
    • ‘Ajibu says her family only uses the lake water for bathing, washing and resealing her mud floor. '’
    • ‘Just having the freedom to go in and open any disc in the place, listen to it all day and reseal it, was a wonderful gift.’
    • ‘The instrument is used to seal off the tubes: this could be done by cutting them and resealing the ends.’
    • ‘Ian was about to reseal the box, when just such a feeling made him stop.’
    • ‘She slowly ate a small amount of the pack and, resealing it carefully, returned it to the pack.’
    • ‘He resealed the sample and pasted the details and put it in his bag by which time the inspector had marked the time, place, name and address of the complainant.’
    1. 1.1no object (of something previously open) reform or accept a seal.
      ‘the pores reseal within seconds as the inner liquid leaks out’
      • ‘It had opened on the way and been resealed by the postal service.’
      • ‘However, once pierced, the gas canister cannot be resealed.’
      • ‘Admittedly, two of the envelopes appeared to have been opened then resealed.’
      • ‘Its very versatile, but it patched up, resealed, and painted over most of the big cracks in the old system.’
      • ‘The cylinders were hollow but were refilled by some mysterious substance and resealed at the bottom.’
      • ‘In the first phase, 53 cases were disassembled and the unstable glass replaced with new glazing and resealed.’
      • ‘Finally the isthmus breaks, the envelopes reseal followed by the complete separation of the two daughter plastids.’
      • ‘Depending on the degree of the curve, chunks will be cut out of the banana, which are then resealed using a biologically safe plaster. "’
      • ‘The room is ventilated with extractor fans to clear the ethylene, then resealed for a further 3-4 days at 17C.’
      • ‘The yeast lysate and the petri dish was removed from the chamber, and the chambers were resealed and returned to the incubators.’
      • ‘First, the neck may simply rupture and then reseal into a new configuration of two separate membranes.’
      • ‘Big jars, washed and resealed with greaseproof paper and a rubber band, each containing half a kilo of dark eggs.’
      • ‘Both strands of the DNA are cut during this process thus allowing passage of a portion of the DNA through the break which is then resealed.’
      • ‘The burst relaxed the critically strained membrane, which then apparently resealed.’
      • ‘Seedlings resistant to kanamycin (producing at least two true leaves) were removed and plates were resealed.’
      • ‘" Once we have resealed the canal floor, we will be able to carry on working underneath while pouring water back into the canals.’
      • ‘But perhaps most importantly, the product can be used, served and resealed in the same container, says Sweat.’
      • ‘The smell of schools, with their wooden floors being cleaned and waxed, then resealed with teak oil.’
      • ‘FooDog resealed his mask, and we headed down.’
      • ‘As a condition of the development approval, Council has resealed a section of Canterbury Street and installed a pedestrian refuge to assist shoppers moving from one complex to another.’
      • ‘Prior to each ethylene injection the lid was removed to allow air exchange (in a fume hood) and then resealed.’
      • ‘The two young men then filled the bottle with water and resealed it.’
      • ‘Structural engineers will examine the crypt, and it will probably be resealed with a slab of reinforced concrete and reburied.’
      • ‘It turned out that he had carefully opened the box, put a ring in it, then carefully resealed it.’