Definition of reroof in US English:



[with object]
  • Provide (a building) with a new or substantially repaired roof.

    • ‘They are getting married in the grounds of Sarah's family home - the ruined chapel in the grounds is being re-roofed and renovated for the occasion.’
    • ‘If you need to re-roof your home, remember that the key to a long roof life is the right combination of underlayment, ventilation, insulation and shingles.’
    • ‘When we fixed it the first time we left a bit of a leak and the wood over a few years on the porch rotted, so my dad and I spent a whole weekend re-roofing the entire porch from scratch.’
    • ‘The decaying church building will be re-roofed, its stonework sandblasted and the spire will become part of one apartment.’
    • ‘He waited until November last year when he began to re-roof part of the building.’
    • ‘The burden of repair costs falls to long leasehold tenants who have accepted an offer by the owners to re-roof the buildings at no cost with the proviso that an extra storey of flats can be created.’
    • ‘Over the years we re-roofed the house, added a couple of bedrooms, central air, a porch, new siding, and a redone kitchen.’
    • ‘Work has just been completed on replacing toilets and showers, re-roofing the blocks, providing electricity and generally cleaning up the six-bay compact site.’
    • ‘We tore old cedar shakes off the roof and re-roofed with roofing paper.’
    • ‘The sheds were re-roofed to improve ventilation and the water troughs were also replaced.’
    • ‘An attractive extension has been added to the back, work has been carried out on the second floor and the house has been re-roofed.’
    • ‘The defendant, the occupier of a terraced house, was held liable for the negligence of an independent contractor employed to re-roof his house which resulted in damage to an adjoining property through penetration of damp.’
    • ‘In 2001 the building was re-roofed and internal refurbishment also took place.’
    • ‘To date they have been successful in getting the building re-roofed and the stain glass windows restored.’
    • ‘Fill out the service request, and explain you are looking for an economical way to re-roof your manufactured home.’
    • ‘It needs to be re-roofed, the slates are falling off and the building is rotting.’
    • ‘According to the agent, the property has recently been re-roofed and rewired; other features include gas-fired central heating and an alarm system.’
    • ‘It has solid fuel central heating and was re-roofed five years ago.’
    • ‘The church tower needs to be re-roofed and a new stairs provided to the gallery area.’
    • ‘In 1800, the building was re-roofed and converted into the parish church.’