Definition of rerelease in US English:



[with object]
  • Release (a recording or movie) again.

    ‘he is rereleasing his 1983 hit single’
    • ‘Warner is complemented on re-releasing a disc and greatly improving it, and our viewing experience in the process.’
    • ‘Now it has finally been re-released on a limited run for its 30th anniversary.’
    • ‘It's been re-released with a badly needed new mastering job and three bonus tracks.’
    • ‘This film really must be re-released or broadcast again on TV.’
    • ‘Shot on location, this recently re-released film offers plenty to adore.’
    • ‘Her albums are being re-released and she has found herself voted as the most influential woman in punk by several American bands.’
    • ‘But it is being re-released now because sections of the film industry have woken up to the fact that global struggle is back on the agenda.’
    • ‘As I said above, Columbia re-released this disc with plenty of extras this time around.’
    • ‘I had such a discovery this past year when a number of your early films were re-released on video.’
    • ‘In 1940, when it was re-released, the film was cut by a further twelve minutes, and for decades this was the only version available.’
    • ‘Fortunately this film has just been re-released.’
    • ‘It celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and has been re-released for the big screen.’
    • ‘We re-released the film in 1987 and it was a hit, successful compared to its initial run and I really hadn't thought about the film till then.’
    • ‘Earlier this year a selection of their material was re-released.’
    • ‘The record company deleted the album almost immediately and re-released it under a new title.’
    • ‘The film was re-released in a colourised version after the end of the Second World War, a telling sign of its commercial success and popularity.’
    • ‘I see that this classic film has been re-released and is now showing in various places around the country.’
    • ‘Originally released in 1967 and re-released numerous times thereafter, The Jungle Book has long been a Disney gold mine.’
    • ‘If the current rate of piracy prevailed, producers would likely prefer releasing compilation albums or re-releasing the recordings of established artists rather than betting on new artists.’
    • ‘Imagine that they re-released an album in ten years time with overdubs on it.’


  • 1The action of releasing a recording or movie again.

    ‘the rerelease of Disney's 1937 classic’
    • ‘Ad Campaign shows some examples of the poster and lobby card advertising used in the 1941 original release and the 1956 re-release campaigns.’
    • ‘It was a clever move - a way to justify the film's re-release while still mocking the idea of a director's cut itself - yet not a wholly original one.’
    • ‘I'm not sure where the cover artwork came from, if it was used for the theatrical re-release in 2000 or if it was created specifically for the DVD.’
    • ‘In 1971, Chaplin recut The Kid for re-release, removing three scenes that involved the boy's mother.’
    • ‘Indeed their first major label signing saw them packed off to the studio to remix this whole album for re-release - but it now stands as a worthy document on its own.’
    • ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs may have been the first film I saw in a theater, during its 1967 re-release.’
    • ‘For something a little more substantial, you might be better off with the week's other French release or, to be specific, re-release.’
    • ‘However, it was poorly received by the public on general release in 1971; it was met with a much warmer reception on its re-release in 1984.’
    • ‘And have you seen the new trailers-previews for it's re-release?’
    • ‘Piccadilly, recently restored and too-long unseen, premiered its newly composed score as part of the film's re-release.’
    • ‘Now, 25 years later, its re-release in the original uncut version has passed almost unnoticed by viewers in Melbourne, despite the plaudits of film critics.’
    • ‘Several books are published, the film goes into limited re-release, and a new videotape of the film hits the top-ten bestseller lists with sales of half a million copies.’
    • ‘They will choose about eight films a year for re-release.’
    • ‘Another welcome aspect of this new re-release is the wonderful full screen image, which only occasionally shows video mastering problems.’
    • ‘Unfortunately there has been no word of a special edition re-release for us, so this is probably all we can expect.’
    1. 1.1 A recording or movie that is released for a second or subsequent time.
      • ‘These films do much better than re-releases of some more recent super-hits.’
      • ‘Keep in mind that nothing was recorded after the 2000 re-release of the film.’
      • ‘Several theatrical trailers, including those created for the original 1987 theatrical release and the 1997 10th Anniversary re-release, are included.’
      • ‘In both cases, the songs themselves were added at a much later date, to accompany the major label commercial re-releases of both tracks.’
      • ‘Buying re-releases of Doctor Who on DVD is all about waiting and anticipation; they release one per month and sometimes I'm less interested in certain stories than others.’
      • ‘It seems that nowadays re-releases of classic films focus solely on the visual element of a movie and forget that going to the cinema is also an aural experience.’
      • ‘With luck, this re-release will find a new audience.’
      • ‘Critics tend not to like these re-releases that come months later.’
      • ‘And of course, plenty of trailers are thrown in here, for original release as well as the 1979 re-release.’
      • ‘These two albums represent the most important re-releases of the year.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, no matter the quality of re-releases in the past, anticipating their arrival is still a bit of a thrill.’
      • ‘The upcoming re-release will be the film that forces me to get a DVD player.’
      • ‘It's part of a series of re-releases with extra tracks and packaging.’
      • ‘And the subsequent re-releases and sequels only expanded the empire, opening it up to younger children and future generations.’
      • ‘He also remixed almost the entire catalog for both vinyl and CD re-releases, often deleting, augmenting, re-editing or replacing performances that he considered less than ideal.’