Definition of rerecord in US English:



[with object]
  • Record (sound, especially music) again.

    ‘the sound will then be rerecorded in binaural stereo’
    ‘rerecording a record without a license is illegal’
    ‘the track is a rerecorded version of a song from their recent album’
    • ‘I am sure that, if the music here had been re-recorded by a quality orchestra, in decent sound, it would have attracted far more attention than I fear it will.’
    • ‘He re-recorded the tune in 1964 and that version has been used ever since.’
    • ‘I put word out that I was re-recording the bass parts.’
    • ‘One was a jazz standard written in the 1930's which had been recorded and re-recorded by various artists.’
    • ‘Expectation from both fans and record company has led to his album being completely re-recorded.’
    • ‘The electronic musician updates his original analogue sounds by re-recording the music with new digital tools; the result is a nuanced, intricate sound field of bassy drones, chirping bird call synths, and blipping rhythms.’
    • ‘DVD rewritable means you can record and re-record over the same disc multiple times while DVD recordable means record once only.’
    • ‘The real challenge, however, came while re-recording the tracks in the studio, most notably the vocal tracks.’
    • ‘‘We are recording some new songs but the plan is to re-record the first album,’ he says.’
    • ‘To get them into a computer, you have to re-record the music in a digital format, a much trickier and slower process.’
    • ‘Software converts text into voice so interfaces can be changed relatively easily, without re-recording lots of sound files.’
    • ‘Since few sound archives employ full- or even part-time audio engineers, staffs rely on expensive contract re-recording services.’
    • ‘As television music represented a cross-section of light music in Britain and deserved a new or a nostalgic audience, I set about reconstructing much of this music and re-recording it as my contribution to television history.’
    • ‘It's the best the score could sound, short of re-recording it.’
    • ‘If anyone squeaks their shoe, coughs or makes any other sound it has to be re-recorded.’
    • ‘The music was re-recorded by Disney from more-or-less the same scores.’
    • ‘It's always possible to capture the content from the output device - re-record the audio from the speakers, for example - but it won't be a perfect digital copy.’
    • ‘Although it's since been re-recorded for album No. 2, the original version, available only on their website, sounds absolutely perfect as is.’
    • ‘The press release mentioned that it took you about four years to complete the album, and that you spent a lot of time re-recording tracks.’
    • ‘Once we were alerted to the fact that customers had not received them we did a search and found the tapes and returned them so they could be re-recorded.’