Definition of rerate in US English:



[with object]
  • Rate or assess (something, especially shares or a company) again.

    ‘the company could be rerated as its share price had not rebounded’
    • ‘Since quoted housing companies are languishing at derisory price - earnings ratios on the stockmarket, the Group seems poised to seize its chance later this year before the old economy stocks get rerated.’
    • ‘It could not get an investment grade but it has been a big success story and bond investors did very well after it was taken over and rerated.’
    • ‘If the product fails to meet the manufacturers certified published performance rating, either the product has to be rerated, or the company has to cease its production.’
    • ‘According to the bank, the forces that unleashed a steady upward rerating of equities from 1982 to 2000 have run out of steam.’
    • ‘This better capital management in the industry will give higher returns to shareholders, which will mean a rerating of the sector.’