Definition of requital in US English:



  • See requite

    • ‘As a result, the juvenile justice system has emphasized rehabilitation, not retribution, requital, or punishment.’
    • ‘We saw earlier that, although human punishment does not bear the full burden of requiting good and evil, it must hold up requital as an ideal.’
    • ‘So Hamlet has sent multiple letters to Ophelia without requital prior to his appearance in her closet, and the ‘declension’ which Polonius describes in ‘a short tale’ occurred over some period.’
    • ‘I have taken a strong position against schemes of extortion from the fellow citizens of people here in America, based on the idea that somehow or another that would be requital for slavery.’
    • ‘You still desire the satisfaction of revenge as requital for the pain you felt.’
    repayment, reward, return, payment, recompense, reparation
    revenge, vengeance, retribution, retaliation, redress, satisfaction
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