Definition of requirement in English:



  • 1A thing that is needed or wanted.

    ‘choose the type of window that suits your requirements best’
    • ‘True to Blom's intentions, owners treat their home as a shell and regularly move walls and raise and lower floor levels to suit their requirements.’
    • ‘Within just 48 working hours, a customer can modify its bandwidth to suit working requirements.’
    • ‘In some instances, you need to respond immediately to those requirements in order to be granted or to maintain organic certification.’
    • ‘When it comes to melting or machineability, its functionality requirements might vary greatly from one application to another.’
    • ‘Its international strategy must also take account of the organizational requirements needed to support the venture.’
    • ‘The nature and requirements of a business entity are locally generated.’
    • ‘The company's goal was to redesign its training workshops to match its new business requirements.’
    • ‘These have been modified to suit Sudan's requirements.’
    • ‘Depending on your volume of business and requirements, different brokers can offer competitive deals.’
    • ‘But aviation sources believe Walsh is remodelling the low-cost strategy to suit Aer Lingus's requirements.’
    • ‘He advises customers to first determine their business requirements.’
    • ‘The current professional liability insurance requirements for members in public practice are quite straightforward.’
    • ‘This idea may appear rather orthodox to Aer Lingus's management, but it seems to us that one of the key requirements of a service business is that it be kept open for customers.’
    • ‘Units are available in a range of sizes starting from 211 square metres and can be combined to suit specific user requirements.’
    • ‘If so, the decision for Aer Lingus is likely to boil down to which offer most suits its technical requirements.’
    • ‘My first home was a modest two bedroom terrace house, which suited my requirement early in my working career.’
    • ‘Wiztec applications are flexible and allow each company to customise the application to suit their own requirements.’
    • ‘Why would architects and engineers in the 1960s take such an unlikely event into account for their design requirements?’
    • ‘I was told the adviser could arrange attractive mortgage deals that would suit my requirements, whatever they might be.’
    • ‘The design of the tea-kettle addresses by its pyramidal form the functional requirement for maximum stability.’
    1. 1.1 A thing that is compulsory; a necessary condition.
      ‘applicants must satisfy the normal entry requirements’
      • ‘Further, the stringent collateral requirements demanded as conditions for obtaining loans conspire to make this problem even worse.’
      • ‘It alleged the structure was not exempt from normal planning permission requirements, as mobile base stations sometimes are.’
      • ‘Ryanair is not incorporated in Britain as a registered company, which is an entry requirement for the FTSE index, although it has a primary listing in both Ireland and Britain.’
      • ‘Assessors do this all the time, if not always with absolute precision, at least well enough to meet normal statutory requirements.’
      • ‘Entry requirements are five passes in the Leaving Certificate including mathematics and English and one higher level grade C.’
      • ‘When she looks at the requirements for the normal courses, she gets more discouraged.’
      • ‘While these are the essential requirements, certain additional desiderata should perhaps be recorded.’
      • ‘Apart from the stipulated four requirements, it is clear from the language of section 29 that a holder in due course is only one who has taken the bill.’
      • ‘They also must comply with all requirements for making the election for the year the election should have been made and for all affected years.’
      • ‘Minimum performance requirements must be specified.’
      • ‘The main requirements are the parent must be 55 years or older and have earned less than $2,000 last year.’
      • ‘The conditions include the requirement to have all goods locally produced or at least 40 per cent of their content be of good quality and value.’
      • ‘There are specific requirements for which contaminants must be checked and for the frequency of checking.’
      • ‘On the other side, many national central banks, like the Bundesbank, considered the minimum reserve requirements a necessary instrument.’
      • ‘Aspiring CTP holders must meet the entry requirements before being allowed to register for the programme.’
      • ‘At least five years of experience has been one of the entry requirements from the early stages of the proposal.’
      • ‘This means 76.6% of the subject entries have met the requirement of having a grade three or better to enter the University of Namibia and similar institutions in South Africa.’
      • ‘This is of concern for the discipline, as PhD enrolment or completion is a requirement for entry to academia.’
      • ‘The entry requirements for cadets are matriculation with English, mathematics and physical science.’
      • ‘Financial liberalization is one of the key requirements for Taiwan's entry into the WTO, but Taiwan has been slow in the area so far.’
      need, wish, demand, want, necessity, essential, essential item, necessary item
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