Definition of repurchase in US English:



[with object]
  • Buy (something) back.

    • ‘It later repurchased the securities, and in doing so, tried to classify the sale and repurchase as a simple repurchase.’
    • ‘If you sell to claim losses, you can't repurchase the stocks or mutual funds within 30 days.’
    • ‘There must be no side agreement that gives the buyer the right to return the product, or the seller the obligation to repurchase it or to guarantee the resale value of it.’
    • ‘Last Friday, it repurchased 150,000 shares, or 0.6 per cent of the previously issued shares.’
    • ‘Along that line, Dell repurchased another $900m shares during the second quarter bringing its share repurchase total for the year up to $2bn.’
    • ‘The client sold the stock Dec.10 for $25 and repurchased identical shares in the open market within 30 days for $25.’
    • ‘Membership is restricted to those individuals who purchase shares at the time the NGC is initially capitalized or who repurchase shares from original owners/shareholders.’
    • ‘These funds can sell markets ‘short’, with a view to repurchasing them at a lower price and profiting from falling prices.’
    • ‘In January 2001, Peterman repurchased the rights to his trademark and mailing list.’
    • ‘A firm's willingness to invest in itself by repurchasing a portion of its shares is seen as a declaration of its ‘bullishness’ regarding its future.’
    • ‘The company repurchased another 1.25 million shares of its stock during the quarter.’
    • ‘Selling your shares only to repurchase them later in the year could set you back as much as 3% to 4% of your portfolio's value.’
    • ‘In those circumstances, investors would be entitled not just to tax relief but to the government repurchasing the shares at the price at which they were issued.’
    • ‘To counter that danger, the company this year has repurchased 12 million shares, or about 8% of the total outstanding.’
    • ‘Corporations repurchased their own shares at record rates so that net equity issues were negative in every quarter but one throughout the end of 2000.’
    • ‘The wash sales trap potentially applies to any disqualifying disposition in which an employee, within 30 days - before or after the stock sale - repurchases company shares.’
    • ‘Analysts can't recall the retailer repurchasing $1 billion worth of shares in a single quarter before.’
    • ‘The company could have effected a more orthodox share buyback in which it repurchased its own stock on the open market.’
    • ‘The high street retailer plans to spend £2.3b repurchasing its shares at between 332p to 380p.’
    • ‘Since the mid 1980s, many corporations have been repurchasing large amounts of their shares.’
    retrieve, regain, recover, get back, reclaim, repossess, have something returned, rescue
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  • The action of buying something back.

    • ‘The study found that, in two retail service brand settings, the two components of commitment fully mediate the relationship between brand satisfaction and both repurchase intentions and advocacy intentions.’
    • ‘This means that only affective commitment was a full mediator of the brand satisfaction repurchase intentions relationship for this retail service brand.’
    • ‘The looser rules on timing and the volume of shares available for repurchase prompted more than 200 companies to announce new or expanded buyback plans.’
    • ‘However, these days, any sale and repurchase within thirty days is disallowed for tax purposes.’
    • ‘Between September 1986 and December 1990, firms in our sample adopted 544 repurchase plans; during the previous five-year period, they had adopted only 148.’
    • ‘They know full well that the short-term markets rely on repurchase money in order to generate low-risk short-squeezes, and they are willing providers.’
    • ‘To date, most of the work in this area has focused on repurchase intentions as the focal dependent variable.’
    • ‘We test our theoretical framework in a context heretofore not studied in the organizational literature, namely, the implementation of stock repurchase plans by large U.S. corporations in the late 1980s and early 1990s.’
    • ‘Such tensions may well result in an increase in observed decoupling in share repurchase programs for those firms.’
    • ‘Moderate size portfolios can best be rebalanced by sale and repurchase of new amounts in each asset class.’
    • ‘This explains why brand attitudes are sometimes weak predictors of repurchase intentions for the brand.’
    • ‘Although the evidence is mixed, some prior research has shown that liquidity is associated with repurchase plan adoption.’
    • ‘It will initially focus on the trillion dollar repurchase and total return swap markets.’
    • ‘It later repurchased the securities, and in doing so, tried to classify the sale and repurchase as a simple repurchase.’
    • ‘Studies of open market share repurchases find an initial positive price movement of about three percent, but continued abnormal positive returns of about forty-five percent over the next four years.’
    • ‘How and when agency debt status is resolved and what continued repurchase of ten-year Treasuries will mean are important emerging issues in creating reliable benchmarks in financial markets.’
    • ‘It is thought that the sale and repurchase is being done for tax purposes.’
    • ‘In proposing that relative CEO power over the board can help determine whether firms decouple repurchase plans from practice, our theoretical argument suggests that powerful actors mediate institutional effects.’
    • ‘‘We made the first repurchase when our stock was in the mid-30s, and as of today, we're at $45 a share,’ says Bearman.’
    • ‘At the same time, they gave Enron a repurchase option that was exercised in 2000 for $2 million, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.’
    retrieval, recovery, reclamation, repossession, recoupment, return, rescue
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