Definition of reprice in US English:



[with object]
  • Put a different price on (a product or commodity).

    • ‘The company also found an alternative to repricing for underwater options, ‘a voluntary option exchange.’’
    • ‘Many companies have been severely criticized because they often reprice options when a stock dips so low in value that the options are ‘deep out of the money.’’
    • ‘Banking deregulation, for example, did cause banks to rethink, retarget, and reprice products.’
    • ‘In August it'll come out in paperback, so it'll be repriced as much cheaper e-book.’
    • ‘Where options have been issued in the past and are now ‘underwater’, the company should give thought to repricing them to maintain staff motivation.’
    • ‘The changes will increase the independence of the Cendant board and its key committees, and force the company to seek shareholder approval to reprice the stock options of corporate managers.’
    • ‘Traders can reprice goods, but care must be taken when relabelling the goods, as the original lower price must be covered up by the new higher price, to avoid misleading customers.’
    • ‘Company policy is that options are not revalued or repriced.’
    • ‘Using the March reprice valuation and adding these costs we arrive at the following target cost.’
    • ‘When he was finally exposed and booted, Dunlap had the nerve to demand severance pay and insist that the board reprice his stock options.’
    • ‘As laboratories learned during those Papanicolaou reimbursement cycles, payers reprice a test because in total that test is a significant expense line item.’
    • ‘In February, it repriced its deals to ensure existing borrowers no longer subsidised new customers.’
    • ‘This requirement may be problematic in cases where an employee option is repriced to a lower option price.’
    • ‘But even options that aren't repriced represent an expense to shareholders, though it isn't fully reflected on corporate income statements.’
    • ‘They found that decisions to reprice a CEO's stock options were strongly affected by both the CEO's power within his company and by the concentration of stock ownership.’
    • ‘Within 90 days, we had repriced about 1,500 key items in stores.’
    • ‘Of that total, 18 million options were repriced at a lower exercise price.’
    • ‘With market saturation approaching, his share options are probably worthless - unless they are repriced much lower.’
    • ‘The airlines know full well that we are puzzled by the frantic pricing and repricing that they do - puzzled, that is, when we aren't infuriated.’
    • ‘In order to keep people, those companies are going to have to reprice options, but if you do that, lots of other bad things happen.’