Definition of repressible in US English:



  • See repress

    • ‘However, a putative glucose repressible element and TCACGC sequences were not detected in the upstream region sequenced.’
    • ‘Finally, let us examine a minimal genetic toggle based on two repressible promoters arranged in a mutually inhibitory network.’
    • ‘The resulting strain, SBY599, was sporulated to generate a haploid cse4 strain covered by the repressible CSE4, which was then crossed to SBY468.’
    • ‘In the barley aleurone layer a GA repressible defensin is reported which shows 32% identity.’
    • ‘The predicted phosphatases are A, repressible alkaline phosphatase; B, nonrepressible acid phosphatase; C, nonrepressible alkaline phosphatase; and D, repressible acid phosphatase.’