Definition of representationalist in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See representationalism

    • ‘Early representationalists combined a psychological claim about the mental particulars that mediate our perceptions with an epistemological claim to the effect that only mental things can be perceived.’
    • ‘One could define it coarsely in terms of satisfaction or truth conditions, but understood in that way the representationalist thesis seems clearly false.’
    • ‘It should be clear that Husserl's critique of representationalist views of perception which we examined earlier bars this particular route to idealism.’
    • ‘Unlike many other representationalists of the '90s, the artist relies for inspiration not on photos of the site but on her memories of a place.’
    • ‘In the second half of his paper Rowlands puts forward an externalist account of experiences, carefully distinguishing such an account from representationalist accounts of experience.’