Definition of reposeful in US English:



  • See repose

    • ‘Far less reposeful is Andre Derain's Dance, where colours skirmish in an ultra-patterned, stage-set, Gauguinesque jungle.’
    • ‘The reposeful haven where the Mahatma was stretching his tired limbs at the time is a quaint brick and wood building named Mani Bhawan.’
    • ‘The Buddhists, says this latest study, are happier than most of us because their religion encourages them to think with a different side of the brain, the peaceful, reposeful side as opposed to the angry bits which drive most of us.’
    • ‘This life, since it is characterized by action, eventually leads to exhaustion, and the desire, not for autonomous action, but for reposeful contemplation - of a fulfillment that is purely intellectual and eternal.’
    • ‘Throughout the album, the duo justifies this practice by cloaking their reposeful, melodious - nay, even mellifluous - sound in almost uncomfortably intimate production.’