Definition of reporter in English:



  • A person who reports, especially one employed to report news or conduct interviews for newspapers or broadcasts.

    • ‘Many open meetings were held with reporters, news editors, designers and production staff.’
    • ‘There is no huge newswire with reporters around the world feeding articles to newspapers.’
    • ‘This gives reporters and editors a much better chance to more thoroughly cover your announcement.’
    • ‘When his cell phone rings during the interview, the reporters caught a glimpse of his humble side.’
    • ‘By that time I was through college and was working as a reporter and correspondent on the New York Times.’
    • ‘At the press briefing a reporter asked whether this would mean that lenders would start limiting the number of credit cards issued to customers.’
    • ‘Reichert also complains bitterly in the book about the intrusive actions of media reporters.’
    • ‘In that regard, the job of the owner of a newspaper to monitor reporters is not quite as difficult.’
    • ‘It may take a while for citizen reporters to rewrite the news business.’
    • ‘She previously worked as a reporter for a sports news agency, supplying newspapers and magazines with articles.’
    • ‘We reveal today that many RTE reporters and presenters have provided media training to private clients.’
    • ‘I heard the television news reporters routinely refer to them as ‘anti-Iraqi forces’.’
    • ‘Make your contacts early to the specific editors and reporters who will be doing the features and reports.’
    • ‘They mostly earned their livings in other clerkly trades, as journalists, parliamentary reporters or lawyers.’
    • ‘Two days later the news is official and reporters from the American press speed to Paris to interview a band that few of them have heard of.’
    • ‘From one of the reporters he learns that journalists have a pool on whether he will survive.’
    • ‘Still, it seems that all BBC presenters and reporters will be wearing black ties for the funeral on Tuesday.’
    • ‘When a reporter from the local newspaper asked Mara why the dancing had been cancelled, the PR guru saw red.’
    • ‘Editors and reporters zero in on top executives or anyone in the organization who'll talk.’
    • ‘This was true when I was a newspaper reporter more than 25 years ago and the situation has not changed.’
    journalist, correspondent, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman, columnist, writer, blogger
    broadcaster, newscaster, news commentator, announcer, presenter
    investigative journalist, photojournalist, war correspondent, lobby correspondent
    legman, wireman
    newshound, hack, hackette, stringer, journo, talking head
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