Definition of report back (or report something back) in US English:

report back (or report something back)

phrasal verb

  • 1Deliver a spoken or written account of something one has been asked to do or investigate.

    ‘the deadpan voice of a police officer reporting back to his superior’
    ‘every movement I made was reported back to him’
    • ‘On return from any visit, delegation leaders had to report back to the Bezirksverwaltung in writing within 48 hours, detailing progress and results.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, program managers in budgeted programs would simply spend their allocations, reporting back on how many permits were issued, standards written, inspections done, or citations made.’
    • ‘A commission appointed in 1825 to again investigate weirs on the river never reported back to the legislature.’
    • ‘He will write a truly frightening letter, and then report back to Andrew that Cesario is a terrifying warrior.’
    • ‘Well, we can't vouch for Stickpix, but if any reader fancies giving 'em a go and reporting back, we'll write up the results.’
    • ‘It's my sad duty to report back from this film that Chris O'Donnell just can't act.’
    • ‘He then cycles off to whichever part of Edinburgh he has been summoned, has sex, and then reports back on the experience to the following night's audience.’
    • ‘I've yet to see it so will report back afterwards.’
    • ‘We will be following it to find out if you are indeed word-perfect, and we will report back to our committee.’
    • ‘Over the next 12 months, the Pension Commission will report back on what it believes the Government should do to ease the looming pension crisis.’
  • 2Return to work or duty after a period of absence.