Definition of repopulate in US English:



[with object]
  • Introduce a population into (a previously occupied area or country)

    ‘the area was repopulated largely by Russians’
    • ‘While these peons can be whipped into fighting shape, bolstering diminished ranks or supplementing healthy ones, the citizens of each village slowly repopulate the town.’
    • ‘Optimists saw a world where captive-bred animals would inspire public support for conservation and repopulate the wild.’
    • ‘Alvarez produces thousands of trees that go towards repopulating the surrounding mountains and valleys.’
    • ‘They are also listed as an endangered species, but I am sure we must have repopulated Northern Ireland with the number of young birds they produced this year.’
    • ‘The countryside and towns and villages need to be repopulated but in the right manner.’
    • ‘The native population was decimated or assimilated within decades of the arrival of Columbus, and the island was repopulated with Spanish colonists and their African slaves.’
    • ‘‘We are trying to reverse an extreme situation,’ said Ken Abernethy of Argyll and the Isles Enterprise, who has taken on the challenge of repopulating the island.’
    • ‘Nearly three years ago, more than half of the Minneapolis City Council - and the mayor's office - was repopulated by newcomers.’
    • ‘Weeds with seedheads should be disposed of in the garbage to prevent repopulating the garden with fresh seed.’
    • ‘Mehmet slaughtered many of the population and forced the rest into exile, later repopulating the city by importing people from elsewhere in Ottoman territory.’
    • ‘Nagin wanted to start repopulating his city last week, but was forced to suspend his programme as Hurricane Rita swirled across the Gulf of Mexico.’
    • ‘Supported by two dozen maps and tables, Abu Sitta said that 90 per cent of the depopulated villages could be repopulated by its people without the slightest effect on the Israeli Jews.’
    • ‘As I traveled through the slowly repopulating city - about half of the original 250,000 are believed to have returned - I saw awesome scenes of destruction.’
    • ‘They've since returned, and are busy repopulating the mountain.’
    • ‘So Noble and his wife, Diane, switched from conventional to sustainable farming methods, a strategy that has paid off financially and that they feel offers hope for repopulating the countryside.’
    • ‘Similar problems would occur, I assume, if New Orleans were repopulated and people tried to get out very, very quickly.’
    • ‘In the 11th century, the Ligurian coast began to be repopulated and life returned little by little to normal.’
    • ‘In fact in some of those areas that are now repopulated with younger animals, a lot of the older animals have died out, there's nice happy healthy populations coming in behind.’
    • ‘The ability of these cats to travel distances through habitat corridors could enable them to repopulate parts of Arizona and New Mexico, restoring a part of our wildlife heritage that has been missing from this region for over 50 years.’
    • ‘The Sultan set about repopulating and Islamising the city.’