Definition of repo man in English:

repo man


North American
  • A repossessor.

    • ‘‘Get the dog collar or I'm going to handle the dog myself,’ she warned the owner, said Karen Breit, the person who had called about the repo man.’
    • ‘Do people ever offer the repo man sexual favours in exchange for him turning around and pretending he never saw them?’
    • ‘The repo men can't touch this no matter what, right?’
    • ‘You can now have as your claim to fame that you won a contest which will ensure that some day, the repo man will be sorting through my rent-to-buy furniture in my shack and he will come upon a CD with your name on it.’
    • ‘One minute mid-west factory worker John Smith is bowling along in blue-collar heaven, with only the repo men towing away his wife's car and looming unemployment to worry about.’
    • ‘Collections, as any repo man will tell you, is no racket for shrinking violets.’
    • ‘Vargas has not had to ask his promoter for a loan or have to dodge the repo man from taking his Mercedes for non-payment.’
    • ‘He knew this was really a one man story; the odyssey of Fritz Brown, the ex-cop, repo man and part-time private eye and his battle against both sordid foes and himself.’
    • ‘So if those owners fall behind on their payments, as the foundation reports up to 12 percent of them do, they're not protected by standard foreclosure laws - meaning the lender can simply send out the repo man.’
    • ‘On Time was designed to help consumers keep payment schedules, and if they don't, it won't replace the repo man, just make it harder to run from him.’
    • ‘You could have seen it coming a mile away - the past-due mortgage, the bounced checks, getting arrested, the government keeping your tax refund, the car repo man shadowing your every move.’
    • ‘There are physiological repercussions from constantly being anxious about calls from creditors or a visit from the repo man.’
    • ‘Repo Man tells of the apprenticeship young punk rebel Emilio Estevez serves as a repo man to the wonderful Harry Dean Stanton's hardened veteran with a deadpan eccentricity that all ends in aliens.’
    • ‘You can't send out the repo man to seize a building for back taxes when the property is a foreign consulate.’
    • ‘He plays a repo man who disguises himself as a pizza delivery boy in order to enter an old lady's apartment and repossess her TV.’
    • ‘Past-due bills flood his mailbox, repo men are after his car, and his career is now working maintenance for the Los Angeles subway system, the City Transit Authority.’
    • ‘Now, though, after the banks foreclosed on some strikers' homes and the repo men hauled away their cars, there's already talk of grocery store closings in the area because of the new Wal-Mart supercenter up the road.’
    • ‘There were two of them, and I have to say, for repo men they were really nice guys.’
    • ‘New devices are making the repo man look positively benign.’
    • ‘Son Phil is fighting too: struggling to keep his family and his knackered trombone in one piece with the loan sharks and repo man at his door.’


repo man

/ˈriˌpoʊ mæn/