Definition of replantation in US English:



  • Permanent reattachment to the body of a part that has been removed or severed.

    ‘successful replantation of the tooth’
    • ‘The literature on limb replantation shows that restoration of function depends largely on nerve repair and postoperative use of the flexor tendon.’
    • ‘Vein grafts were used in all successful replantations.’
    • ‘Of the 15 attempts at replantation, only 5 were successful, despite meticulous technique.’
    • ‘A replant surgeon should be consulted when replantation is considered, but reattachment never should be guaranteed to patients.’
    • ‘The younger the child and the sooner the replantation, the better the success; teeth replanted within 15 minutes stand a 98% chance of being retained after further dental attention.’
    • ‘This brings into question the need for attempted replantation under such circumstances.’
    • ‘In 1966 Chen successfully replanted an amputated finger, and performed an arm replantation after segmental resection, thus allowing some functional restoration after tumour removal.’
    • ‘Microsurgical replantation involves in addition to fixation of bone for stability and tendon repair for mobility, the repair of nerves and blood vessels with diameters as small as a millimetre.’
    • ‘Microvascular replantation is part of these surgeries which have been carried out in many cases.’
    • ‘The scrub person keeps the patch oriented correctly (ie, interior, exterior) from harvest to replantation over the defect site.’