Definition of replant in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Plant (a tree or plant that has been dug up) again, especially when transferring it to a larger pot or new site.

    • ‘When he does replant, he'll let the plants go to seed or, for small areas or new varieties, he'll broadcast the seed himself.’
    • ‘Like dahlias you dig them up in the autumn, store in a frost-free place and replant in the spring,’ he says.’
    • ‘Goth saves four tubers from each cage for replanting at Presque Isle the next year and sends the remaining tubers to Beltsville for further use and study.’
    • ‘Even back then, local foresters advised the couple on which species to replant.’
    • ‘They carefully moved and replanted some of the scrub oaks to allow sight lines from the house down to the water.’
    • ‘He tells them that the olive tree has been broken at the branches, but that these branches could be replanted.’
    • ‘In my experience, whether you leave them in the ground or lift them and replant, unlike daffodils, tulips don't go on forever, and it pays to replace them every few years.’
    • ‘People need to replant what has been uprooted and give back what has been taken away.’
    • ‘As he does this, he replants a piece of each root to replace what has been taken.’
    • ‘Planting date does not need to be a concern when deciding whether to replant since a replant at this time will not reduce yield much in comparison to replants that would occur in early to mid-June.’
    • ‘Claytonia, kale and ‘Green Spray’ mibuna are harvested three to five times before replanting.’
    • ‘They should be replanted and watered in immediately.’
    repot, relocate
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    1. 1.1 Provide (an area) with new plants or trees.
      ‘38 percent of ancient woodland has been replanted with conifers’
      • ‘These paths will later be obliterated when the site is replanted and returned to a state of virtual nature.’
      • ‘I'd like to know how it felt to develop on my own, using trees from the forest and replanting for each one I took down.’
      • ‘Attempts to replant had obviously been made, but the topsoil had washed away and the saplings were dead.’
      • ‘They are situated in the middle of a beautiful 100-acre country estate, which has been extensively replanted with forest and can be explored on foot or in Shetland pony-drawn carriages.’
      • ‘This early in the season, replanting to corn is still a good option; however, as we move into June, corn becomes less of an option, forcing producers to replant to other crops.’
      • ‘Hail hit western Pierce County and caused multiple corn and bean fields to be replanted, with some beans going in where corn had been.’
      • ‘We plan to involve local schools and colleges in the replanting of the walled garden, using Edward Austen's original scheme, and in the physical work of repairing the walls and the beds.’
      • ‘Farmers who grow genetically modified varieties cannot replant or trade them without paying royalties.’
      • ‘Holtrop, who recently toured the Los Alamos area as part of an internal Forest Service review, was struck by the high survival rate of trees replanted in one particular area of the forest.’
      • ‘More than likely if the fields are real bad, they'll need to be tilled, prepped, and replanted.’
      • ‘The ecological impact on the site was also a significant consideration, with minimal cut and fill, the provision of carefully integrated storm water retention areas, and the replanting of all disrupted areas with native species.’
      • ‘Investments in Kn would include forest replanting and restocking of fisheries.’
      • ‘After assessing individual plants throughout the field, if you're questioning the viability of the crop and continued development, consider replanting as soon as possible.’
      • ‘In more trials with indigenous plants, his immediate challenge was to amass sufficient quantities of seed so that large areas might be replanted.’
      • ‘The team also worked with an ecologist to replant native seedlings in disturbed areas.’
      • ‘In most cases when soybean fields with a seedling disease problem are replanted without using a seed treatment, the problem is continued.’
      • ‘There was no replanting, no trees left standing for reseeding, and areas devoid of pines were left unsightly and environmentally devastated.’
      • ‘Beal has recruited hundreds of crews to clean up and replant around the streams and has now established a network of volunteer groups living in the area.’
      • ‘The hill shows evidence of very old farming terraces and sheep pens and is criss-crossed by walks that the owners have cleared and replanted with many varieties of indigenous ferns.’
      • ‘Occasionally, trees or grasses may have to be replanted in a buffer.’
    2. 1.2 Surgically reattach to the body (a part that has been removed or severed).
      • ‘By 1983 his group had carried out 1100 limb and digit replants.’
      • ‘In our 10 failed replants we could initially visualize arterial flow across the anastomosis.’
      • ‘With further prototyping, we hope to be able to produce a device that can treat more complex tissue types, such as ear and nose replants.’