Definition of repeople in US English:



[with object]
  • Repopulate (a place).

    • ‘Africans, who crossed the ocean as slaves, and immigrants from Europe, who came initially as indentured servants, added additional strands to the repeopling of the country.’
    • ‘Recent research has been repeopling the past by paying particular attention to the practices of those people as manifest in the archaeological record.’
    • ‘As a means of repeopling the island, which was being decimated by fever, a large number of Royalists in Ireland were seized and sent out as slaves by the English.’
    • ‘What Young sees in Sites Unseen, Shimon Attie's European installations between 1991 and 1996, is a deliberate attempt to repeople a decimated landscape.’
    • ‘The West has always been a region of movement and migration, of peopling and repeopling; this was so in the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries as it still is in the twenty-first.’
    • ‘The birth summons up, for a moment at least, Hightower's hopeful imagining of how Lena will repeople the earth from the very site of destruction and death, the aptly named Old Burden Place.’