Definition of repeating decimal in US English:

repeating decimal


  • A decimal fraction in which a figure or group of figures is repeated indefinitely, as in 0.666… or as in 1.851851851….

    • ‘As a number that cannot be written as a repeating decimal or a finite decimal pi is irrational: it cannot be written as a fraction (the ratio of two integers).’
    • ‘He attributed the difficulties of Stephanie and Jesse to entrenched, flawed concept images formed by prior experience with repeating decimals and continuity.’
    • ‘If the decimal is a repeating decimal instead of a terminating one, we can still convert it to a fraction.’
    • ‘Consistent with her categorization of mathematical definitions, she seemed to think the concept definition for repeating decimal had not been extracted quite correctly in the case of 0.999…’
    • ‘All repeating decimals like 0.575757575757…, all integers like 46, and all finite decimals like 0.472 are rational.’


repeating decimal