Definition of repatriation in US English:



  • 1The return of someone to their own country.

    ‘the voluntary repatriation of refugees’
    count noun ‘one of the largest repatriations the world has ever seen’
    • ‘Repatriation is one of the great neglected areas of expatriate life.’
    • ‘He never argued for forced repatriation.’
    • ‘The author tells of five men sentenced to death for intentionally wounding themselves in the hope of repatriation.’
    • ‘The repatriation is voluntary and refugees in the camp have been queueing up to register for repatriation.’
    • ‘A companion accompanying an ill member during repatriation will be covered up to a maximum of 955 euros in travel expenses.’
    • ‘The Pentagon has had a policy of refusing press access to the repatriation of dead military personnel.’
    • ‘The island currently already serves as a transit point for the repatriation of illegal Chinese immigrants.’
    • ‘The 40-year old father of three is equally worried by the repatriation.’
    • ‘Maternal custody can only perform this repatriation for mixed-race children born to mothers of African descent, however.’
    • ‘The journalist's series on the repatriation of illegal immigrant Mozambicans caught in South Africa is very moving.’
    1. 1.1 The sending of money back to one's own country.
      ‘the repatriation of profits by foreign investors’
      • ‘The convertibility of currencies and regulations on foreign ownership or the repatriation of profits are also important.’
      • ‘The government imposed capital control measures, banning capital repatriation overseas for a year.’
      • ‘The cabinet ratified a new investment law that allows for full repatriation of profits.’
      • ‘The government introduced a "Scheme of Arrangement" whereby a means of allowing partial capital repatriation was permitted.’
      • ‘Make sure you take advantage of the repatriation tax break just like the big boys.’
      • ‘It will further destabilize an already crumbling bond market, with foreign repatriation adding to the wounds inflicted by the Fed's own foolishness.’
      • ‘In Singapore, there are no restrictions on the amount of capital investment, nor on the repatriation of capital or remittance of profits.’
      • ‘Even the announcements of the currency repatriations can trigger short covering rallies.’
      • ‘Furthermore, the new rule provides for a potential waiver of interest on the repatriation of funds.’
      • ‘It will ensure the timely repatriation of foreign currency.’